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Why Global Warming Is Fake

Why Global Warming Is Fake?

The issue of global warming became the maximum discussed topic among the environmentalists since the late 1980s. Prior to this, global cooling was the hottest cup of tea. Now, the warming issue being the new mantra, scientists and other environmentalists are
Global Warming For Kids

What Is Global Warming For Kids?

We are experiencing changes all over the world. The ice in the Arctic sea is melting much faster than it should have been and at the same time they are taking more time to form new ice sheets. The glaciers all
Global Warming Essay

Global Warming Essay

Global warming is the gradual increase in the average temperature of our planet. It is believed that this increase is changing the climate of the earth permanently. Though is much debate about this fact, there are proofs in its favour. This
Join Hands Against Global Warming

Join Hands Against Global Warming To Save Endangered Species From Extinction

Global warming is one of the greatest threats which Earth is facing today. Climate change has a negative impact on the species of animals that dwell in the highly sensitive ecosystem. With severe droughts and rise in sea levels, the harm
climate change and violence against women

Climate Change is Supplementing Violence against Women

Women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime and they suffer severe physical and emotional pain due to the violence and abuse. The society must do more to empower women and ensure their safety. The world is celebrating these days
climate change rural women

Climate Change and the Sufferings of Rural Women

Amongst the countries most-affected by climate change, Pakistan is the most vulnerable country as it has been experiencing an intense climate change impacts throughout its ecological zones such as glaciers, high mountains, tropical forests, riverine belts, deserts, and coastal ecosystems. As
australia climate change

Living in the Wild: Australia’s Tale of Climate Change

How bush fires changed Australia One recent opinion piece published in The Age presents the results of historic research carried out by Grace Moore, from the University of Melbourne. Dr. Moore’s research is focused on Australia’s long-standing history with bush fires.
climate change and poverty

Poverty And Climate Change

Climate change slower the fight against global poverty because poor people tend to live in the most vulnerable locations and lack resources to adapt. For example, the river deltas of Bangladesh and Burma are densely populated by poor households increasingly exposed