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Importance of Awareness in Solid Waste Management

Solid waste is defined as the unusable and unwanted products in the solid and semi-solid state derived from the activities and removed by society. Waste can be considered as nothing but valuable material at wrong place. There is no substantial in
Pros and Cons of Current Renewable Energy Sources

Pros and Cons of Current Renewable Energy Sources

As the issues of global warming and the importance of protecting the environment continue to make global headlines, it’s no surprise that many of us are exploring the possibilities of integrating renewable energy sources into our homes. With plenty of large-scale
List of Renewable Resources

List of Renewable Resources – Top 3

In this day and age, energy is one of the most important things to make sure our daily lives run smoothly. If our body needs blood and oxygen to keep us alive, energy is what makes it easier for us to
How to Save Energy

How to Save Energy – A Challenge For a Better Future

The rapid modernisation and industrialization has resulted in the increased use of energy, thus directly impacting the environment and disturbing the balance in eco system.  It is a universal truth that bad things come along with the good things. With the
industrial sensor

Energy Sources Utilizing Industrial Sensors to Become Greener

Industrial sensors sound like a complicated concept, but it simply refers to sensors, such as those that detect light, energy, heat and so on, that are used in an industrial use and at industrial standards. When it comes to energy sources,
Renewable Energy: Clean and Green as the Future Approaches

Renewable Energy: Clean and Green as the Future Approaches

The buzz in the green community has long included renewable and sustainable energy sources. More directly, the talk has centered on what energy source will be sustainable in the long term. The demand for green energy has been front and center

Garbage; The Best Friend of Environment

Is garbage valuable? Well what we do is dump the garbage in the dustbin without knowing where does it go, what process does it go through, is it of any benefit or not? I am sure that Environmentalists have guessed what
environmental problems of Pakistan

Environmental Overview Of Pakistan In 1999

Total Energy Consumption (1999E): 1.8 quadrillion Btu* (0.47% of world total energy consumption) Energy-Related Carbon Emissions (1999E): 27.9 million metric tons of carbon (0.45% of world total carbon emissions) Per Capita Energy Consumption (1999E): 12.5 million Btu (vs.