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water borne diseases haripur

Impact Of Water Borne Diseases On Socio – Economic Status In District Haripur, Pakistan

Water borne diseases are any illness caused by drinking water contaminated by human or animal feces, which contain pathogenic micro-organism .Water borne diseases appear to be the common health problem among the sample households in the district Haripur of Pakistan .One
Stakeholders Pakistan

Role Of Stakeholders In 2010 Flood In Pakistan

The summer of 2010 interweaved Pakistan’s worst flooding in 80 years .The estimated affected people, who need food, shelter and clothing to face a unsympathetic Pakistani winter, is 20 million. Flooding began on July 22, 2010, in the province of Baluchistan

Highlights On Eco Finance And Green Initiatives Taken By Credit Card Companies

With increasing need of conserving energy and soaring fuel prices eco finance or green finance, has become the buzzword. Experts are stressing the need of clean energy. Investors and financial institutions are being urged to invest in technology which caters to

Gain Effective results with the Clenbuterol cycle

The Rising Usage of Clenbuterol. In recent days, Clenbuterol has been quite significant in helping many obese as well as over-weighted people to lose weight in a faster way. It actually being an effective and important thermogenic, helps one to lose

Green Affiliate Programs Can Be A Hit

These days, more and more people are becoming interested in green energy and all of them are trying to make sure that they save the environment as well as their pockets from being drained completely. The concept of green energy is

An Italian Getaway: Sail Away to these Top Yacht Holiday Destinations

Are you planning to have a cruise that you will never forget? Are you looking for an exciting yet romantic holiday getaway? Grab your sails and make your way to the Italian peninsula, where its surrounding waters are still left untouched.
Mangroves Declining

Mangroves our Natural Asset Declining

Pakistan’s coastal area is an arid sub-tropical desert with 1,050 kilometers long coastline of which one-third is in Sindh and the rest in Baluchistan. The average rainfall is 100-200mm per year, and that too, sporadic. The Indus Delta is spread over

Baluchistan Black Bear on its verge of extinction

In Pakistan the Himalayan Black Bear is found in the mountains of Azad Kashmir, Khagan, Swat Kohistan and Southern Chitral, in Chitral Gol National Park. It is also found in Ayubia National Park. The sub specie, Baluchistan Bear is found in