“Jatropha Carcus”,Solution for energy crisis?

Jatropha Carcus is a kind of around 175 succulent plants, shrubs and trees (some are deciduous, like Jatropha curcas), from the family Euphorbiaceae.Jatropha Carcus is drought-resistant.Its maximum height is 6m(20 ft).This plant mostly grows in tropic and subtropic regions but it has variety of habitat because it bear high degree of aridity.

It can grows in saline soil,sandy soil,gravelly even it grows on highly poor and saline soil.It also grow in desert environment.

This plant do not required pesticides because it has itself fungicidal and pesticidal properties.

Its maximum predicted life is 40 years.

It is the best biodiesel oil plant as its seed contains 27-40% oil that can be used in diesel engine.

This plant can also used for medicine,the shrub used for obesity(as anti obesity drug).

An estimated study shows that every part of this plant is useful in some way.

At present the oil from Jatropha curcas seeds is used for making biodiesel fuel in Philippines and in Brazil, where it grows naturally and in plantations in the Southeast, and the North/Northeast Brazil. Likewise, jatropha oil is being promoted as an easily grown biofuel crop in hundreds of projects throughout India and other developing countries.At present some croping of jatropha is also been observed in pakistan in the area of sindh.Some projects are undertaken at kenya and sirilanka too.

In the 3rd year of initial plantation we can achieve more than 9000 kgs of jatropha seeds.

As long has jatropha have heavenly features it might be possible in some extent that it may have some effects on environment as the agro farmers,scientists are constantly workings the jatropha plant as the solution for energy crisis on the global scale.

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