How to prevent plagiarism in college papers

Plagiarism is one of the main problems in academic paper writing. Many students are caught red-handed when they submit their custom essay or research paper to their professor. The punishment for such behavior is rather severe and can even result in the expulsion from the university.

At the same time, plagiarism still exists as students are not knowledgeable enough what it really is and how it can be prevented, detected and corrected. Numerous writing tips only explain that it must be prevented but never focus on the ways how to do that. Here are some popular ways that will help students to submit unique assignments and avoid troubles.

  1. Explain the notion of plagiarism and present its types

Most of the students understand the term “plagiarism” only in one of its meaning. They usually refer it to copying someone else’s words without putting quotation or citation marks and mentioning the source. However, it is only a part of its meaning. Presenting any ideas, thoughts, words, phrases that belong to other people as yours is considered to be plagiarism. You may even not know that the idea offered by you has been unconsciously read somewhere else.

The types of plagiarism will also shed light on this notion to students. It can be both intentional and accidental, direct and mosaic (using phrases), self-plagiarism and poor paraphrasing etc. And students should realize that writing paper they can plagiarize not realizing this fact, so all papers should undergo the plagiarism check.

  1. Tell about the consequences

Students who have just entered a higher educational institution do not realize fully that it differs greatly from high school. Any mistakes and underachievements influence your academic success and can become a milestone on your way to a degree. Especially when it concerns plagiarism: students should be aware that they can be expelled from the university for repeated cases of plagiarism.

  1. Provide students with assistance and training

Though it may seem strange for ones, many young people simply do not know what to do with the abundance of all those sources they have analyzed for paper writing. They take paragraphs from different books and include them in their papers being shocked by plagiarism accusations.

Teachers should explain to students how to present other researchers’ viewpoints in the paper correctly. The most reasonable ways are citing or using quotation marks. Instructors should focus students’ attention on such mistakes from the vet beginning and soon they will never make these mistakes again.

  1. Show how to use plagiarism detection software

One more important piece of advice is to use plagiarism checkers anytime you are going to submit an academic paper. Nobody is insured against accidental plagiarism so a check will prevent you from possible troubles.

The procedure is very simple: you can copy&paste the text into the special area or upload a document in the format supported by the checker. In a minute after you start the check, you will get a detailed report on the similarities found and the percentage of the uniqueness of your text. It is excellent if the percentage rate is not lower than 95%.

  1. Encourage to mark citations and quotes properly

Many students fail to mark their citations and quotes properly and such pieces are easily identified by plagiarism detection software. Double-check your punctuation looking through the final draft or you may get into a plagiarism trap because of lack of your attention. Use some services like can help you with plagiarism.