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No matter how much one tries to stop contributing to the environmental degradation, the presence of humans will always have an impact on the environment. Therefore it is very important to choose activities, services and products which have the least impact.

Shopping is a very important consumer behavior which contributes to a lot of environmental degradation. And hence it is important to carry out this activity with caution so that the environment is least affected.

Try shopping online:

A study has found out that shopping from a mall utilizes a lot more energy than shopping online. Online shoppers are green shoppers!

Purchase used or recycled products:

EPA states that for every 42 notebooks made with 100 percent recycled paper, one tree is saved. Therefore it is better to buy books that are second hand and in a good condition. And when you are through with a product which is useable you can pass it on or even go for a yard sale!

Use your own bags:

It would be very helpful if one uses own cloth or jute bags rather than consuming more of the non-biodegradable plastic bags or even reusing the ones already at home therefore reducing the consumption of plastic bags.

Buy in bulk:

It is better to buy things in bulk because it uses much less packaging and the lesser the packaging the lesser the garbage one produces.

Consumer Behavior:

Consumer behavior is very important for the industrialists who make the products. As the vast majority of the consumers start to say no to environmentally harmful products the industrialists will also go green!

There are so many ways to save the environment from degrading. Just start from the steps given above and you will feel so good about giving a positive contribution to the environment. It’s the first step that’s the hardest and once you take the first step, all the rest becomes easier and then everyone else follows.

The article is written by Shumaila Javed Bhatti who is a senior author at

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