Water Quality Decreases and Diseases Increases

Water Quality parameters are not more than 20 if we go into the depth analysis to find out if the water is suitable for drinking or not!! Most of the research oriented institutes of water quality testing are working on some standards, based on specific numerical amount of the chemicals.As now a days we have bottled water in every house and many brands producing bottle water in a country i mean to say that there is a competition between them but my question is did any of us analyze these bottle water?? the amount of TDS? the amount of fluorides?? the amount of sodium and potassium?? Turbidity scale?? Is these water should be tested or not?? definitely they should be tested and analyzed for healthy and safe life.


As u know access amount of fluoride can help in tooth decay!! Increased amount of  TDS could effect blood pressure and like many other diseases.

Increase amount of sodium and potassium in water can effect Human Erythrocytes.

water quality parameters



Adverse effect of sodium chloride on human bones is seen in many cases in my observation as every living being need some amount of salt in the body to maintain its metabolism but increase in these amount could adversely effect human health.



According to American Public Health Association High turbidity can inhibit the effects of disinfection against microorganisms and enable bacterial growth that cause water contamination and unfit for drinking; can lead to swear epidemic diseases.



So in my point of view every tap water,filter plant water,bottle water,ground water,well water,bore water should be analyzed to its full parameters from a recognized research center or water quality  laboratory and upon their report use that water as drinking water for healthier and happier life.


This Article is Written By “Sami Naeem Khan”  Senior Author/Senior Editor Envirocivil.com

Originally published by www.envirocivil.com

  1. Sidra Bses249

    vry true but can u tell us the exact amount of minerals needed in one litr of water ?

    • Sami Khan

       we follow WHO standards for drinking water where as in routine analysis following parameters are checked and the safe limit for each minerals are as follows:
      Fluoride 1.5 mg/l
      Iron 0.3 mg/l
      Nitrate 10 mg/l
      sodium 200mg/l
      potassium 10.0 mg/l
      sulfate 250 mg/l

      • Sidra Bses249

        thank u

      • Sidra Bses249

        by the way you should go through the spellings …..

      • Sami Khan


  2. Uzma Khan

    flawless….water is the essential element for living being if that water is polluted how can our next generation can survive!!

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