So we call them life savers!

Four years of medical school, two years of house job, rest of the years of experience, are they of any use when it comes to saving life? Why the people are suffering? Why don’t they have a cure? Why people still suffer even after their complete medication? Do errors exist in the given prescriptions? Or does the error exist in check-up? Have they forgotten their education?

Yes, your guess is correct I am highlighting the doctors, the so called life savers. If they are the real life savers then why about 70 percent of the people are suffering even after their medication? Why don’t the doctors treat their patients well? Why don’t they prescript correct?

Any health problem and we run towards a clinic with hearts full of trust and expectations that a tablet may create a revolution but the result “zero”. Now a day’s doctors are just concerned with their pays not with the patient’s health, they don’t even bother to check their patients well. I myself have witnessed, an innocent boy suffering from headache is being treated for two years but the outcome is still zero, at his each visit his medicines change but not his health status, a pregnant woman, while operating her veins are also stitched, a poor man dies because he is not treated well as compared to a rich man, a mother dies because of over dose, is this humanity? This act is not just common is Government hospitals or poorly organized hospitals and clinics but shockingly is visible at private hospitals and clinics as well.

My question is for the so called life savers, why don’t you use your skills when required, why do you keep them aside when needed? And on the other hand I would like to appreciate the work of the true life saver which are unfortunately very few in number.

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