What Causes Bad Breath or Halitosis?

Bad breath

Are you carrying the feeling that people are getting away from you? Do you feel that bad breath could be the reason for such an aversion? Bad breath medically termed as halitosis is experienced by many. There are many reasons owing to which people suffer from bad breath. It could be the high sugar diet or poor oral hygiene or even worse health. The solution for poor diet is that you only have to reduce the sugar intake. Poor hygiene can be due to a multitude of reasons. The reasons could be inappropriate methods of brushing, no usage of floss or minute particles left behind after a meal. It has also been found that people suffer from bad breath if their mouth has the tendency to go dry.

What is halitosis an indicator of?

Bad breath is also an indicator of some severe health ailments. A person who is affected with halitosis could be suffering from an affliction in the respiratory system, olfactory reactions, and infection of the kidneys or the liver. People seeking a remedy for halitosis must first check with the dentist. If the cause of your bad breath can be ascertained at the dental clinic, then rest assured you are not suffering from anything serious. It also becomes necessary that the dentist be explained in detail the genesis of halitosis in your case. After a detailed examination, if the dentist is unable to explain the reason for bad breath then you may have to undergo a medical examination. Halitosis is not a serious ailment and with regular treatment from the physician, it can be cured easily. In general, cases bad breath is a result of poor diet or improper oral habits.

Do you need to visit the implant dentist Anchorage?

There is a general complaint among people that they have been unable to find a permanent cure for bad breath. This is because people are used to temporary or homegrown methods for it. Chewing on a piece of mint or popping a gum provide only respite for the time being but are not a cure for foul breath. Again, consuming chewing gums that contain sugar only result in damaging the teeth or the gums. There is another notion that mouthwashes cure bad breath. On the other hand, mouth rinses that contain alcohol actually dry the mouth and reduce the production of saliva that in turn becomes the cause of bad breath.

Simple solutions for reducing bad breath are by making use of aerated pastes and mouthwashes. This helps to maintain both the sulfur and oxygen levels in the mouth. If you are having bad breath due to oral issues then the permanent cure is possible only by the dentist. A visit to the general dentist in Anchorage must help you in getting the best solution.