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recycle cell phone

Every Recycled Cell Phone Makes A Difference

Cell phones are no longer a luxury for the teach savvy but a necessity in a world constantly pressed for time. We need and love them so much that we replace them with newer and better models more

Social changes and their effects on Biodiversity

Social change is the change of culture and social organization structure over time. In the modern world we are aware that society is never static and that social, political, economic and cultural changes occur constantly. These changes are affecting not only
hazardous waste

Effects of Hazardous Wastes

Hazardous Wastes are solid, liquid, or gas wastes that can cause death, illness, or injury to people or destruction of the environment if improperly treated, stored, transported, or discarded. Substances are considered hazardous wastes if they are ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or

Ecological Significance of bats in Pakistan

Bats are some of the most fascinating mammals of Pakistan. Bats comprise almost one-fourth of all mammals–nearly 1,000 species–yet they have not received the attention and credit they deserve as major insect-controllers and pollinators in ecosystems worldwide. Fruit and nectar feeding

Climate Change and Pakistan

Climate change, is one of the most important and complicated subject for scientists in recent years. For the last twenty years the worlds scientists had debated it “whether it happening or not and also to find out the reasons behind climate
social change in birds habitate

Migration of species due to social change

Pull up your socks for another vital problem which can not be consider as a major one but it is…………….! Social change is the transformation of culture and social organization /structure over time.
energy crisis in pakistan

Energy Crisis in Pakistan & Feasible Solution

Electricity is now of the major problem that Pakistan is facing from last 8 years. Electricity is the necessity of every human life. Energy is the most important sources for economic growth of a country. Unfortunately Pakistan has to face a major