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Materials That Are Useful for the Environment

No matter what material you choose to recycle keep in mind that you are helping the environment. You are making the world a better place by keeping usable items out of the trash and giving them new purposes, and having fun
mental health

How the Environment Can Have An Effect On Mental Health?

The environment plays an important role to maintain mental health. Most of the time, we don’t consider this thought. However it is absolutely true. In fact, it has been observed that sometimes, a human body does not take complete rest due

Wetlands Are Wasting Away

Wetlands are lands where saturation with water is the dominant factor determining the nature of soil development and the type of plant and animal communities living in the soil and on its surface. Wetlands vary widely regionally and locally in soil,
how to switch to green living mode

How to Switch to Green Living Mode

If you’re among the people who care about the environment, know that you’re not alone! You may be one of the few, but the eco-friendly lifestyle raises popularity. The scope of the ‘go green’ concept is not as broad as wanted,
climate change

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility towards Climate Change Resilience

As the pressure to address climate change increases, debates on the connections between the businesses, the population and environment are being renewed. The importance of private sector involvement in terms of scaling up or leveraging public sector capital is now crucial
what is environment

What Is Environment?

Broadly, environment is referred to as our surroundings, the conditions of our existence. It includes both living and non-living elements and provides resources to support life on Earth. Essential part of the environmental concept is establishing a relationship between living organisms
environmental issues

Top 10 Environmental Issues in Pakistan

We should definitely like to see Pakistan without any environmental issue but currently there are lots of challenges. As in fact we are growing at the rate of more than 8 percent in GDP and creating lots of economic opportunities, this
women connection with environment

Women’s Vital Connection with Environment

Men and women relate differently to the environment, making it necessary to take into account the linkage between gender and environment while assessing and assigning their different roles. The woman is important and plays an essential part in all societies around