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dangers of self diagnosis

The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

Hello Doctors! Are you a doctor who is reading this? I guess, not! So what made me call you a doctor? Yeah I said it metaphorically or sarcastically, to be more appropriate. Having a little know-how of medicine, the functionality of
noise pollution

Noise Pollution

Imagine some person who wakes from coma, supposedly, after 40 years and tries to get into routine with his life; he must think he has come to some wrong planet that is being devastated by extra terrestrial activities. With the honking,

Laughter Yoga! :D

Laughter has its avowed benefits and the most valued one, in my belief, is helping somebody through it. How divine it would make you feel if you really can cheer your pal, sibling or partner to see the brighter side by

Birds need you in Summer

Without losing the charm ever, birds chirp for you their pleasure with whistling tunes and you feel elated unknowingly, considering it a part of your day launch. But imagine the day when the dawn breaks and you hear no chirping or

Laughter – It is the Best Medicine!

Such a clichéd phrase I have picked to write on. Was I bored or didn’t have time to put my thoughts into something undoubtedly helpful? This must be an overused idiom but, knowingly or unknowingly, it has helped many,

Let us be a Litter Quitter

Call yourself literate, cultured, civilized or so-called sophisticated? How fond we are of pointing the fingers at others without being alarmed at what we do. We are so desensitized to the filth around that deep-down even loathing it,