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adventure holidays in pakistan

PAKISTAN: A Heaven for Adventure and Cultural Holidays

Pakistan emerged on the world map on August 14, 1947 located in the hub of the South Asian sub-continent a home of rich historical and cultural heritage. The great Indus Valley Civilization in the pre-historic era, the center of old empires,
biodiversity convention

Convention on Biodiversity and Pakistan

The convention on Biodiversity was globally adopted on 29 December 1993. It was the first international treaty that acknowledged the role of biodiversity in sustainable development. The CBD defines biodiversity loss as “the long term or permanent qualitative or quantitative reduction
environmental problems of Pakistan

Environment And Pakistan

Pakistan’s attempt to raise the living standards of its citizens has meant that economic development has largely taken precedence over environmental issues. Unchecked use of hazardous chemicals, vehicle emissions, and industrial activity has contributed to a number of environmental and health