A Liger – Rare Animals [EnviroMation]

liger is the world biggest cat. His father is a lion and his mother is a tiger.That’s why it is called a Liger.Liger is huge because it expresses hybrid generation.Hybrid generation is a crossing of those two animals.It creates an animal bigger,smarter,longer,faster and incredible character.

Liger Facts:

Ligers live smart healthy lives,they are usually 12 feets tall and 900pounds.



A super cat not a lion or a tiger but LIGER.A 900 pounds almost a 100 times  a size of a house cat and twice in the width than off a lion or tiger.

A liger is created by breading a male lion with a female tiger and the result is a hybrid offspring that is abnormal large,size w8 a liger a simply dorms its parents,his massive skull is 40 percent larger than a lions or a tigers,Their enormous big bones structure it can be actually at the size of the mother and father combined enormous piece .


a liger-rare animal


Scientists are still trying to understand why hybrids like ligers can become  so much larger than their parents,what they do know is that ligers are missing the growth inhabiting genes that keeps them at normal size,they only live in captivity but the scale of their predatory tools is unmatched even in NATURE!





  1. :

    so centaur were real. LIGER, now i want to take a picture with an offspring of a whale and a flying condor.

  2. Itanczydlamnie

    bullcrap!!! Doesnt look healthier, clever, ect. at all. Looks like it can hardly walk and got a massive head 😉

  3. kamranali441

    ahah yes

  4. e12agent

    Stupid, The liger gets huge because it’s pituatary gland does not know to work properly, causing gigantism, they are not better than their parents, they are just sick

    • dan

      What school did you go to, and yes you are stupid

    • Uncle Davey

      It’s not sick, it lives 20 years. But it’s not a natural hybrid and if you put two of them together they cannot breed.

  5. Annalisse Mayer

    This animal is built like a cow, despite being feline.

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