Terrorism Vs Global Climate

terrorism vs climate change

Terrorism is an ever surging and perpetual curse that has posed colossal challenges to the international community. It has not only affected certain corners of the world but has wrecked havoc in the social, political and economic arenas of all countries. The nagging aspect of this disease is its spread at the rate of knots defying the preventive and austerity measures.

Whereas, the climate change has also stolen the sleeps of think tanks, operating to guide the ship of humanity in a right direction.  The scourge of global warming, in conjunction with; increasing number of human population has brought radical changes in the climatic conditions of the entire globe.

Terrorism is the calculated use of violence to thrust upon the counterpart the demands and register their grievances. The rising tides of terrorism have strangulated the windpipe of humanity and consigned it to the flames of fire. It has a widespread effect, influencing the mankind on several fronts.

Terrorism has the power to shake the foundations of every country. The armed men venture into the spree of looting, torture and kidnapping to such a high pitch that the governments are laid obliged to defer to their heinous demands.

The economic front is also hit hard by the rising flames of terrorism. America, in pursuit of curtailing the terrorism in Afghanistan has lost 3 trillion dollars but still has not reaped the results. Pakistan has spent up to 70 billion dollars in the containment of terrorism but hardly has gained any progress. The most painful aspect is that no policy or strategy ever in the history has been agreed upon in containing the flames of terrorism. Preventive and austerity measures can be fruit theoretically but in application have little or no significance.

On the other hand, regardless of the mammoth damage caused by the climate change, it still can be tamed, tackled and handled handsomely with proper set-up and mindset. However, it is clear crystal that the rising temperatures are causing the meltdown of glaciers, which in response become the driving force behind the rising water tables. The increase in oceanic water can submerge the low altitude countries. Netherland is one the most vulnerable countries to be submerged lest preventive measures are taken into force.

Also, the meltdown of glaciers has brought the problem of portable water deficiency. Due to the increasing meltdown of glaciers in Himalayas, scientists are predicting a shrinkage in the Indus River in the forthcoming years.


But, the firm conviction coupled with the pure dedication of international community, this problem can be resolved. The omission of greenhouse gases should be cut to  minimum levels, vehicles with more emission of C02 must be subjected to trash. Factories with improper disposal of waste must be monitored and trained into employing strategies aiming at curtailing the waste material. In addition, more plantations should be set for those pursuing the cause of this agenda. It is a problem, which lacks a proper application of a mindful vision, to be resolved. But the demon of terrorism is so much dreadful and fearful that can not be eradicated with one-point policy. It has long roots in culture, emotions and social life. Thus, it can be registered with all intensity of words that terrorism is much more lethal in world theatre than the global climate change.

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