Eco Friendly Flooring Options for the Homes

flooring options for homes

Environmentally conscious homeowners are willing to go to great lengths to minimize their pollution footprint on the world. These nature-loving property owners will be happy to know that building eco friendly is more than just about installing a few solar panels at advantageous spots on a roof or making furniture out of salvaged materials.

Nowadays, builders and flooring companies offer a number of different eco friendly flooring options, all of them stylish, durable, and environmentally sustainable.

Flooring Options for the Homes


Because concrete is so commonly used in buildings and structures, most people do not immediately think of the material when they consider eco friendly flooring options. Polished concrete floors, though, are an excellent sustainable option for homeowners on a budget. This is because concrete is easy to clean, extremely durable, and never needs to be cleaned. Flooring manufacturers have begun tinting polished concrete floors different colors to meet their clients’ tastes, as well as tiling concrete to give the slab additional visual appeal.


Cork is a new entrant to the flooring scene. The material, which is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees that populate Mediterranean climates, is an excellent eco friendly flooring choice because the trees do not need to be cut down or harmed during the harvesting process. This means that cork is a renewable flooring option. Allergy sufferers will be glad to know that cork contains a number of different anti-microbial agents that keep potential allergens at bay. Cork is also fire retardant and incredibly easy to install.

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Another wood that is becoming popular in eco friendly homes is bamboo. Bamboo is actually a grass, but it shares similar characteristics to the hardwood floors that people have been outfitting their kitchens with for decades. Although bamboo is cut down in order to make the flooring, it grows very quickly, reaching maturity in 3 to 5 years. Regular trees sometimes take 20 years to reach maturity.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are made from recycled bottles. This recyclable flooring option is great for the kitchen or bathroom because it does not absorb liquids, nor does it mildew or grow mold, making it perfect for places where spills or moisture are common. Glass is incredibly easy to maintain, and it does not stain. Like many of the other options outlined on this list, glass can be colored or tinted to suit the homeowner’s preferences.

Reclaimed Hardwood

If you want an eco friendly flooring option but sill desire that traditional hardwood look, repurposing hardwood is a great way to achieve this without the guilt of having deforested our precious woodlands in the process. The great thing about salvaged wood is that each piece provides a unique visual pattern, giving your floor its own individual patina. Repurposed wood is, of course, significantly cheaper than brand new hardwood, but still promises the same benefits of its more expensive counterpart.

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