Environmental Science As a Career – A Guideline

Environmental Sciences as a career

Environmental science is a multidisciplinary field that integrate biological and physical sciences which comprises of ecology, geology, chemistry, soil sciences, hydrology and atmospheric science and many more life sciences field, Environment is basically an integration of living and non living things and their interaction to their surrounding as environment itself is a broader term so environmental science as a career can be drawn in a broad spectrum in which an Environmental Scientist has to monitor every change in the environment, has to provide sustainable solutions to the environmental problems, has to identify the major environmental threats, has to incorporate with the social and economic aspects relating to the environment, has to set up environmental policies for improving environmental quality in every aspect, the above mentioned exposure and responsibilities are only a 1/3rd just to overview the Environmental Science career line as below it will be clear that how much career opportunities are available for environmental sciences student.

What Environmental Scientist has to do? What if you choose environmental science as a career?

The answer is pretty clear that is “defending the environment is an environmental scientist’s target when he or she goes to work each day. Achieving that target requires conducting investigation that will spot out, halt or eradicate pollutants and hazards to the environment or to the health of the population.

Are you an Environmental science graduate and you are looking for a job? Well Environmental science graduate can have a diverse area of operation to expose his skills and abilities so first of all a graduation degree with good skills and good grades can help you to choose your desire area in the environmental science field but some students are wondering if they select Environmental Sciences and they thinks that there job or career exposure is limited and this degree can’t help them to earn more than engineers or doctors so I am here to describe that this Environmental Sciences degree can take you in a variety of jobs in every industry but the main thing is your passion and you’re your hard work which will make you to earn more than a famous doctor or an engineer, If u are good in chemistry you can choose environmental chemistry which is also a diverse subject, if you are good in biology u can go towards wildlife conservation and protection department, if you are good in geography you can build your career in the research laboratories, if you are good in ecology you can be a conservationist, if you are good in health and safety you can work as HSE Officer in many oil fields, if you love economics you can choose Environmental Economics that has a wide span of jobs as we know natural resources are depleting day by day so you can be a Environmental Economist and like other subjects, summing up this paragraph in my last line is that Environment is that type of subject which is linked in almost every subject we have studied like bio, physics, arts, economics, social sciences, law, chemistry and lot more.

In my point of view there is no such awareness created at national level in a country for the environmental sciences and that’s why people thinks that this field is nothing just a waste of time and they will never get their field related job but this concept is wrong, I personally believe if there should be proper education and awareness about this field than you are capable of turning waste into gold and that is the fact, Environmental Scientists are doing this as we have a live examples, many scientists turn waste into useful energy, by waste they are making money just because they know the value of this emerging field.

I am now enlisting some of the job industries for those who choose Environmental Science as a career and these opportunities are available in Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Agronomist, Animal and plant sciences, Geosciences, Ecologist, Marine Industry, Oceanography, Fish and wildlife managers, Forestry Departments, Green Energy Industry, Horticulture industry, Hydrographers, Land Management, Life Scientists, Meteorologist, Microbiologist, Natural Gas Industry, Park Naturalists, Soil Conservationists, Paleontology industry, Under Water Exploration, Waste management industry, Urban and land use planners, Urban and regional planners, water industry, wildlife officers, Zoologists, Environmental Analysts, Environmental inspectors, EIA Experts, GIS Experts, Research Associates, Teaching industry, Analytical Laboratory Technician, Environmental lawyers, Environmental Policies makers, Health and safety officers, Arts industries (for making sketches of different old fossils fuels for research purpose), Geologists, Environmental Engineers (focuses on endeavor and technology for civilizing environmental quality in every phase).

I have a lengthy list of all the related jobs for then who Choose Environmental Science as a career for their future as I describe some of the major portions so don’t worry environmentalists you have a great value and important on this planet as your are nature warriors and the need is just to aware the people motivate them and mobilize them in this field then you could feel a wonder happened next to sustain our planet and make it clean and green!!

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