Folk Medicinal Uses of Dodonaea viscose

Haripur is a district of Hazara Division in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Province of Pakistan. The total area of district Haripur is 1725 km². It is situated at latitude 33° 44′ to 34° 22′ and longitude 72° 35′ to 73° 15′ and about 610 meters above the sea level.


There are 9 ecological zones in Pakistan in which one of the zone is Sub-tropical broad leaved evergreen forest found in Haripur. The main floristics are: Acacia modesta (Phulai), Olea ferruginea (Kau, Zaitoon), Dodonaea viscosa (Sanatha).  These forests are also known as scrub forest and these species are xerophytic in nature. The local name of Dodonaea viscose is Sanatha and is present in Kala chitta, Pabbi hills, Salt range, Malakand, Chakdara, Hunu, Parachinar,Fort Sundyman, Nizampur, Khyber pass and also in sub mountains ares of Haripur.


This local species has some of their biological importance but the local peoples of this area not recognized its importance as it desire. Mainly people know this species for only as fuel wood. Some of old people really know its biological value but today’s generation not full aware for its biological importance. Leaves, flower and seed of this species are used in different medicinal purposes. Leaves are boiled in water and mix one spoon of sugar and some coconut and use to cure chest infection.


These leaves are soaked in water and extract is used for pimples, which release pus and makes pimples dry. Seed, flower and leaves are boiled in half liter of water and applied in the mouth of injured animals for three to four days. It is also used for wounds internally as well as externally.

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