Green Cars Strive To Gift A Better Environment To The Citizens

green cars and environment

Your car must be a very dear possession to you. But, have you ever considered that the effect it has on the environment. To make a positive impact on the environment, you can start using green cars, which is environment friendly The fuel used by a car differentiates a conventional car from a green car. Green cars use fuel resources that are sustainable and emits fewer pollutants. These cars utilize alternative fuels and recent technological findings. These cars can be categorized as electric cars, hydrogen cars, hybrid cars and solar cars. Different types of green cars are available in the retail world. There is a surge in the demand of the green cars as consumers over the globe has realized the affect of pollution on the environment.

Check carbon dioxide emissions

If you are planning to buy a green car recently, then there are few points that you need to consider. Start with checking the carbon dioxide emissions of the car, these prove whether the car is genuinely green or not. Tax band is also important to determine whether the car is truly eco-friendly or not. A number of cars are available that cost nominal in comparison to the tax levied on them due to the low rate of emission of carbon dioxide. A fuel efficient car not only has good effect on the environment but also avoids incurring huge expense. Green cars fit the budget well and the cost similar to those of the conventional cars. In comparison to the large vehicles. Small cars are safe for the environment as they produce fewer toxins. Even your fuel bills will be under control with the small cars.

Importance of fuel efficiency

To save the environment, continuous effort are being taken to improve the fuel efficiency, of the car. A noble step to protect the environment is cash for cars, it is very popular now and it involves recycling of car parts. Different cars under the various categories of the green cars have different rate of fuel efficiency. Thus, you need to check the miles per gallon of a car prior to purchasing it. MPG on the higher side, it indicates the car has better fuel efficiency. Electric cars do not use combustible engines, rather they use batteries and do not generate exhaust fumes that have a harmful effect on the environment. In fact, in comparison to the conventional ones, they do not produce noise. Without charging the battery, the car can run for miles.

Affects the environment less

Hybrid cars have an engine running on combustible energy and an electric motor. Petroleum based fuels and batteries both are used in the car. However, they use very nominal petroleum in comparison to the conventional cars. Unlike the conventional cars, they have less affect on the environment. These cars do hurt your pocket much as you have to incur a minimum cost for running the car. Hydrogen cars utilize hydrogen as the main power source. These cars are few in numbers. Hydrogen can be produced from the renewable source of energy.

Cost efficient car

The last of the lot are the solar cars. These utilize the solar energy, which they absorb through the surface of the car. The solar energy gets converted to electrical energy. There is no cost of fuel as the car runs on solar energy. Exhaust fumes are not emitted by these cars, neither is there any emission of any greenhouse gas. In short these cars reduce the release of harmful gasses in the environment. These do not contribute to acid rains, smog and other effects of pollution. Even it also reduces the risk of various heart diseases and different forms of cancer. Apart from the various inbuilt features of the car, how you use your car is also important. For a better environment, green cars are the need of the time.

Pat Damon is an automobile expert at He encourages his clients to adopt different means to reduce any adverse affect on the environment. Use of green cars is one of them. And the other one is the practice of cash for cars, a common practice now.

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