Hidden Costs of DIY Move

A DIY move can be a lot cheaper than hiring professional movers.  However, there are a lot more costs to a DIY move than just the truck rental.  Here are some of the main hidden costs of a DIY move which you might not have thought to budget for.


You will have to pay for fuel for the moving truck.  Be sure to read the fine print of the moving truck rental.  Many have clauses that require you to return the truck with a certain amount of gas.  If you don’t, then you can end up paying a very high amount per gallon.


Yes, you will want to get insurance for a DIY move! Driving those big moving trucks is difficult and you don’t want to be stuck paying for any accidents.


Extra Hour Fees

You must book the timeframe you want the moving truck for.  Because truck rental companies are busy, they often will charge you an excessive fee if you don’t return the truck on time.  And, remember, moving can take a lot longer than you anticipated!


Equipment Costs

Having tools like a handtruck and dolly can make moving much easier.  Many moving truck rental companies  have these tools, but will require you to pay more to use them.


Damages and Injuries

This is a big one.  At best, the damages might just be a neighbor’s mailbox which you ran over.  At worst, a friend helping with the move might get injured and you’ve got to pay the medical expenses.  This is why it is safer to use professional moving services as it frees you from liability.


Tolls and Parking

If moving to an apartment, see if you can reserve parking in front of your building.  Don’t just assume that you will be allowed to park the truck in front of the building as there may be rules against this!


Food for Helpers

Are you having friends help with the move Then you will be expected to provide them with food and beverages as a thank you.  This can add up to a big expense.

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