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What will be your actions in case of a trauma or sharp pain? A full-fledged medical facility can be located at a long distance. Besides, the level of servicing is not always satisfactory due to a plenty of patients. Still, there is an alternative represented by an urgent care clinic.

As a rule, this type of medical facility deals with undelayable issues that require fast response. Today, the range of services is more extended and includes versatile physicals, pediatric and heart care, as well as the necessary laboratory examinations. It is a good practice to have contacts of several neighboring clinics to be confident in a fast health intervention in case of emergency. Moreover, in accordance with UCAOA, the amount of such locations exceeds 7,000. Hence, a list of most popular names in the area of urgent care is introduced for your attention.


A network of 137 locations in 10 states across the USA is a good evidence of being in demand. The chain of clinics is managed by NextCare Holdings, which also offers occupational medical services. There is an emphasis on a comprehensive approach called Full Circle Care, which is intended to provide the top level of service to their patients during the entire treatment process.


This name can boast of more than one hundred clinics in three states namely Arizona, North Carolina, and Texas. This healthcare operator has an ace in the pocket represented by the Joint Commission’s award called the Gold Seal of Approval. The company’s goal is expressed in the following sentence: To make a positive impact on lives of patients and their families.


CityMD is represented by 57 locations in three states. The chain operates in the metropolitan area surrounding New York City, and it is expanding operations in Washington state, where it is partnering with CHI Franciscan Health.


CareSpot together with its partner MedPost constitutes a unified chain of clinics throughout four states. In addition to regular urgent care, patients of any location of 54 available can experience such services as seasonal care, wellness, laboratory examination, occupational health etc.


This company collaborates with large medical enterprises to render own services. The GoHealth network covers 45 locations throughout three states. It boasts of the state-of-the-art healthcare centers made with a clean, contemporary design engineered for convenience and comfort of patients. You can find medical facilities in the New York, California, Washington, and Oregon. Soon, Connecticut will join this list.

AG Urgent Care

This name of medical facilities does not belong to the giants of urgent care business. Still, the clinic has a decent potential, which is elicited in five NYC clinics. In the nearest future, AG Urgent Care can compete with the market leaders in the sphere of urgent care services. For today, it is earning the reputation and customer loyalty by providing qualitative and fast services.

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