Recycling Habits

After a busy and tiring day at work, thinking about saving the resources of our planet sometimes seems ridiculous. But the truth is that there are some little things, which can easily turn into habits, that will not cost you neither time, nor efforts. In this train of thought, recycling can be both beneficial to you and your finances and help you be a bit more concerned about saving the planet. It saves you a lot of money and makes you think in a more creative and practical way. What you can do everyday in your home are some simple little changes to your lifestyle. Things that everyone can do and it creates an impact on the environment.

recycling habits

Donate or sell your old stuff that can still be used

If you have some old items that can be in use of someone else, give them away or try to sell them. Clothes and toys, for instance can be donated to orphans or old people. Remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Also, textiles and clothing can be recycled in a number of ways that can help keep these items out of landfills. Instead of throwing out old clothes into the trash, consider donating your clothes that are still wearable to an organization. Or try to make some money out of your old jeans and coats, that you find old-fashioned. Both cases are better than simply throwing them away.

Save drinking water

Drinking water is very important for our daily living. But the citizens of only a few cities in the world have the honor actually to consume fresh water. The rest of us just keep on buying bottles of distilled water and store them somewhere in the house until we get so much that we simply stop thinking about nature and want only to get rid of them. But what happens if we actually stop wasting water in our daily activities. If we stop the tap of the sink while brushing our teeth, take a bit shorter showers or use some of the dirty water to water the plants on the balcony. These are only a few of the simple habits we could get. Oh, and of course, no one would reject a smaller bill for the water, would they?

Avoid plastic bags

While shopping, it is much more fashionable to carry a canvas bag rather than the ordinary plastic ones they offer you in the store. You can buy two or three canvas bags and enjoy the variety of designs and colors. They are strong and you don’t have to recycle them. As for the plastic bags, they are one of the greatest polluters of nature and tear as soon as you wish to buy something a bit heavier.

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Recycle electronics

Many electronics have parts that are harmful to the environment. Recycling them responsibly is very important. There are a number of stores that recycle old electronics for free and at some you may even get paid. So once again you may be able of making some money out of you old, useless stuff and along with that you can be proud of your green thinking.

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