Rio +20: Expectations!

Rio +20

The well being of Earth’s Environment, its sustainable use and exploitation of its natural resources has always been the fundamental thought behind development.

Scientists have always emphasized the pressing need for sustained consumption of earth’s resources as air, water, land, forest, and all that makes the biosphere. The earth do not have unlimited resources. It has a certain carrying capacity with a very fragile environment. The environment of earth will not sustain its beauty and productivity if we will not care about its protection and conservation.

Hence in 1992, the heads of all the United Nations member states met up at Rio, to initiate the talks and discussions over the sustainability and integrity of the natural environment. As well as to acknowledge it’s worth for every country and continent. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, is an intergovernmental process driven by Member states of the United Nations with full involvement of the UN system and Major groups.

After 20 years of a long journey the state leaders have once again decided to meet up in June 2012, to retrospect the developments, amendments, needs and gaps in the past 20 years of Sustainable Development. Environmentalists, naturalists and government practitioners on Environment, all have several expectations from the upcoming Sustainable Development Conference of 2012. The world is expecting some of the most strategic yet sustainable moves to protect the green beauty of our Environment. The overarching theme for the stance on environment is to protrude the policy implications which would help to govern the environmental legislations and action plans through effective means.

The foremost stride that needs to be taken is to reaffirm the implementation of Environmental Governance around the globe within the framework of sustainable Development.

The path towards achieving the desirable goals for Environmental Conversation could be paved through one major move, which is to provide a Universal Membership to United Nations Environment Program and ensuring its dominance over all other main stream exploitation sources.

UNEP should have the sovereign authority to form policies, implement tax schemes and design environmental legislations to check the violence of Environmental laws by states, through payment of fines and penalties.

One significant factor which cannot be negated in any field is the influx of finances. Therefore, for sustainable consumption and production of environmental resources, financial basis should be necessarily created. It is pertinent to assess the state of planet and its carrying capacity.

According to the latest researches, if we will not put a halt to our resource consumption, mankind kind would need two more similar planets to satisfy its needs.

Science is another important end which is a corner stone in the prospect of Environment. Science is the light which could lead the way to sustainability of Environment. Science and policy making should be strengthened across the UN System. Policy making and coordination at the international levels is a key to Sustainable Environmental Development.

Countries need to establish and strengthen, as appropriate, national sustainable development councils to enable them to coordinate, consolidate and ensure the mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues in the highest decision-making bodies, with the integration and full participation of all stakeholders.

This Article is Written by Author Of EnviroCivilAnusha Sherazi” “Environment and Climate Analyst,Ontario,Canada“.

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