Tips to “Green” your Garden

tips to green your garden

Many people believe that their gardens are green in the metaphoric sense simply by virtue of being gardens, but that is not always the case. Gardeners who rely on heavy chemical use and environmentally unsound cultivation practices neither create nor perpetuate healthy green spaces. If you are looking for ways to green up your outdoor living space for the health of the environment as well as yourself and other household occupants, here are four suggestions offered by landscaping Perth professionals on how to keep your garden thriving without creating detrimental environmental conditions.

Use Greenhouse Kits

If you love gardening and wish to grow some healthy vegetables or fruits on your backyard or even that balcony, things have never gotten any easier. Greenhouse kits are perfect structures that allow you to grow your desired vegetables right from home. 

Take an Organic Gardening Class

It’s easy to decide to stop using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, but if you don’t know how to cultivate your garden without them, you may find yourself overwhelmed with bugs, weeds and scraggly garden plants. A good organic gardening class will teach your techniques that will help your garden thrive naturally.

Reconsider All that Green Lawn Space

Unless you have a large family who loves to play football or croquet on the lawn on a regular basis, you may not really need that lush green lawn. Because it’s almost impossible to keep lawns looking their best without the use of chemicals as well as an abundance of water, you can create a more environmentally friendly space using other types of plantings and landscaping material.

Grow Natives

Researching native plants and using them in your landscaping is an excellent way to minimize garden cultivation problems. Native plants are wired to make do with the amount of rainfall that your particular area receives naturally and are less vulnerable to damage from local pests than plants from other areas. Many home-and-garden centers are beginning to carry good selections of native plants, and locally owned nurseries are another good source. Some nurseries even specialize in growing native plants.

Get Free Water From the Sky

Harvesting your own rain water is an excellent way to cut down on water bills by making use of a free natural resource. Inexpensive rain barrels can provide you with a way to capture a chemical and chlorine free supply of water that you can use to hydrate your garden plants or use in your household. Some people swear that washing their hair in rain water leaves it softer than any salon treatment ever could. No matter what you use the water for, you’ll be conserving the precious liquid by using less from the tap.

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