Which One Is Feasible EIA Or Pollution Control Technology(PCT)?


EIA is basically a screening of a running project to evaluate and identification of project requiring EIA, to Investigate the impact assessment,Mitigation,Scoping,Impacts evaluations and involve general public for the awareness,participation and investigation about the on going projects and to take general guideline about the topography of that region.EIA was the major key element used to scrutinized the impacts(Pre,Post) of any proposed or running projects.


But now a days there is normal view found among Environmentalist and Environmental Scientists that EIA is going out of scope and as IEE (Initial Environmental Exams) is just to examine preliminary impacts of a project but is that sound jerky if we just examine preliminary impacts not the post impacts on environment? Did we suffer with pre impacts or post impacts? Answer is simple that we will suffer from both Pre and Post impacts!!


So Why not we make a proper system to evaluate,investigate and mitigate and cover 100% impacts.Although some projects doesn’t required more deep investigation as we are not aware that environment can be or could be contaminated at any time so why should we make EIA our standard? Is any other technology available to investigate and cover 100 % impact assessment??


Now a days A technology is introducing called Pollution Control Technology(PCT) that will take over EIA as well as IEE as it will be a comprehensive technological assessment of any project that will consume every quality parameters,hazardous effects,Positive impacts and mitigation,Suggestions,Quality Control,Deep analysis and last but not the least technological solution to minimize the effects of Degradation of Environment.


Pollution Control Technology is going to be in market soon as we have observed its trail in developed countires where it work perfectly, where this technology has a capability to examine the environment details in 360 Angel as my point of view is that there should be technology use in environment sector as we have seen in most advance countries so i think that EIA has lost its Scope in this field of Micro Environment as in EIA we have to suffer for the sake of investigations and results that is more complex as PCT is technological as well equipped  with modern technical instruments that has the capability to measure the depth,multipurpose functioning  and accurate results.
Now Which one is feasible?On which Technology you will prefer to work on? Choice is yours for better sustainable development


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8 Comments on “Which One Is Feasible EIA Or Pollution Control Technology(PCT)?”

  1. both are of equal importance without EIA, how would you know which technology must be used, thus EIA is the essential step or a process, you can say its the base of investigation, a base of improve, a base brick upon which a building is held.

    1. Pollution control technology uses EIA analytics as its part of PCT but we can say that in minute amount we are now considering PCT on large scall but EIA cant be implemented in large scall and is not so diverse…

      1. EIA is done on large scale where as IEE is done on small scale ….. PCT is based on use of technology where EIA highlight the cost and benefit analysis.

      2. But EIA is a sub part of PCT … PCT coverage range is much higher than EIA you can google it…

  2. PCT must be good too. EIA also involves mitigation and control measures to combat the damage. whats the difference then?

    1. Difference is in approach and range of investigation where as EIA is for specific proposed project and PCT involves large area of investigation including several projects

  3. this type of controversial topics must be published that is the need of todays world to clear misunderstandings very well done sami 

  4. Pollution Control Techs are supposed to be implemented through out the root causes of polution!! i must say EIA can also over come PCT as it is also implemented for big projects

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