World Environment Day (WED)

5th, June’1973, first “World Environment Day” celebrated to increase the global awareness, run by the United Nations Environment Program and after 1973 is celebrated every year by many countries carrying different themes, no doubt a brilliant idea,  a particular day just for Environment and its awareness. Any new and productive themes have you selected for this particular day? It doesn’t mean Environment Day must be celebrated at country level, have you considered celebrating it at an individual level what about protecting our surrounding environment or may be awareness to the people near or around you; it’s not a big deal, right?

I think, that is our duty to clear the word “Environment”, to aware people about the Environment, According to my point of view, it is the only productive way we can serve back our Environment, though it’s not enough but at least we can try, and I don’t see a loss in trying, do you?

United nation thought of this day, why? It’s obvious because of its importance, and why is so, the so called “Environment” important for us? Come along and answer the following few questions you, yourself will get the answers;

1-            Can you survive without oxygen?

2-            Can you face extreme heat waves from sunlight throughout the days?

3-            Can you live without eating?

4-            Can you survive without clean water?

5-            Can you live in a world full of pollution?

Can you? Of course not and there are many other questions you can’t say “Yes” to. So why to celebrate Environment Day just once in a year, why not every day is made Environment Day, well our Environment deserves it. Knowing the background of my article I think you’re ready to help your Environment as it helps you. Always remember “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” this idiom carries a precious meaning understand it and use your Environmental Day well.

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