Green Home Plans

Green Home Plans

Green buildings have become an important trend in modern construction, as they have a lot of features that considers the safety of the environment and our health.  These features include, but not limited to simple beautiful designs, using renewable materials, environmental air quality inside home ,energy saving features such as water saving and self-generation of energy by using solar panels and energy-efficient building elements  such as  water-saving toilet and fixtures , natural light sources and energy-efficient windows and doors.

Increasing Demand For Green Homes

A study by the NAHB and McGraw-Hill has estimated  that in 2005  the percentage of green  homes  features will rise from 2% in 2005 to an estimated 10% in 2010 which means  1 home  out of every 10 homes  is  a green  eco friendly home and the percentage is in continuous rise because of the following benefits:

Green Buildings Are Safer To Our Health And Our Environment

Green homes enhance indoor air quality through proper air filtration, sealing, management of moisture, reducing potential sources of pollutants such as formaldehyde and VOCs and proper ventilation. As recent studies showed that indoor levels of pollutants are two to five times higher than outdoor levels and most of us spend a lot of time at home which means more health hazards such as asthma and certain types of cancer. So, we should consider having green homes.

Green Buildings Decrease Waste

Green Buildings uses efficient floor plans, materials that consume less resource, utilizing renewable resources and recycled materials. That is why green buildings prevent waste produced from Construction and demolition debris which represent about 60% of our total non-industrial waste each year.

Green Buildings Conserve Water And Energy Resources

Green buildings reduce intentional and non-intentional wasting of energy and  water resources through  use of low flow or dual-flush toilets , faucets and water sensitive dish washers and clothes washers, Conservation of energy occur through usage of simple changes in a building’s design and solar orientation, proper air sealing, and high performance windows .So, Green buildings are really considered great investment.

Have you become excited about the idea and want to live in a green home? Here are some Tips you may need when you build your own green home:

Think About Your Way Of Living

When you plan your home, you should consider your lifestyle, your family members and if you plan to expand your family. Remember to build only what you need to save more space unneeded and save your money in return.

Utilize Green Products

Always remember to use environmentally friendly and eco-friendly products for everything in your home beginning from your bulding, roofing and insulation materials till your counters, cabinets and flooring materials. Additionally, always remember to use energy efficient equipments which are available at reasonable prices and in most stores.

Live In A Right Place

Build on the right blot that will not cause extra damage to environmental resources or beauty. Additionally, build your home in a southern exposure that will help save solar energy and lower your energy costs by 10%. Also place overhangs over the windows at the southern sides to shield the sun’s hot summer rays. Remember to Use elements that will radiate or absorb extra sun’s heat. Place Plant trees near your home to provide natural shade and take advantage of skylights.

Finally you should consider having a green house. Even If you have an ordinary home you can turn it to a green home following these advices: decorate your house with Recycled material, Change or replace your windows with energy efficient healthier windows, Plant trees near your home to provide natural shade. Make proper insulation of your walls and windows to ensure that heat stays in during the winter and air conditioning stays in during the summer.

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