iDrive: Use These Apps to Find, Fix or Rate an Eco-friendly Used Car

eco friendly car

Gone are the days of listing and searching for a new or used car on Craigslist. Nothing against the mostly free classifieds website, but people don’t have time to sit at a computer or laptop looking at cars that are listed with incomplete information. The latest tech trend in listing and finding vehicles is in mobile apps.

The majority of mobile users are using smart phones these days, so it makes sense that the auto industry has been making strides to offer more free and affordable mobile apps. Nielson, on behalf of, conducted a study which reported that more shoppers are already using these mobile apps to find their dream car and are doing so with a great success rate.

Searching for your next hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) on your smartphone offers you the all-in-one experience of being able to search for the exact EV you want. You can also compare shopping (search reviews that compare a BMW EV with the Nissan Leaf), call the dealership to speak with a rep, and use the built-in GPS on your mobile phone to find the dealership. There are a lot of mobile apps geared towards car shopping, car repair and searching for the closest charging spots- So many in fact, that we thought you might get overwhelmed. So, we narrowed it down to only the best in free mobile apps for your smartphone.

Kelley Blue Book

Even better than the handy dandy Blue Book your grandpa carried in his back pocket, as he trudged over to the used car dealership on the edge of town, has a nifty mobile app that will give you the power to negotiate a price based on the model, year and mileage of the car you’re looking at. Whether you’re shopping for your first car at a Phoenix buy here pay here lot or leasing a brand new vehicle for your growing family, this app makes your experience a lot easier. This app is free and available to use on the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7. It won’t tell you how to trick your used car dealer, but it might make you more informed and better at haggling with dealers on matters of price.

If purchasing a new car is your cup of tea, offers a fantastic mobile app to help you to research, find reviews and location of the dealer that has the hybrid or electric car you want. It also checks to see if the car you want is in stock and has all of the bells and whistles you want added on. The app is free, available for use on Android, iPhone and iPad and will help you to compare prices on the model of your choice so you won’t waste time or money poking your head into the wrong dealership.


After you purchase your dream eco-friendly EV or hybrid car, you might be thinking, “where do I plug this in?” ChargePoint is the largest network of charging locations for EV and hybrid vehicles in the world. This handy app will help you find the closest charging location to where you are. The app also helps preferred customers if they have damage to their vehicle and gives payment options for charging. You can download this app onto any iPhone, Android, or iPad.


If the car of your dreams suddenly becomes a nightmare on any street (or highway), RepairPal can help. This free app helps Android and iPhone users record their car history, generate a checklist of possible solutions for the issue their vehicle is experiencing, and search for repair shops that specialize in repair. It will, in many instances, also provide estimates of what the cost of repair might be.


Imagine an app that calmly assists you and helps you cope with the unfortunate circumstances when dealing with a car accident. iWrecked is a free app that allows Android and iPhone users to record accident information, take pictures of the damage, generates a list of phone numbers to call and the information you should provide all in one place. The app won’t give you a hug and tell you that everything’s going to be okay, but it will give you phone numbers for cab services or tow trucks, helping you get your car to a safe place.

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