Infrared Heaters vs. Conventional Heating Systems

Infrared heating,coventional heating system

Infrared heating has is becoming more and more popular not only in the industrial sector where entrepreneurs need to warm large spaces but also with small businesses, churches and even homes. As manufacturers claim, infrared heaters do not work by heating the surrounding air, rather by directly radiating light on objects or people that are in proximity (much like the sun heating our planet). Moreover, they claim that air movement and associated dust is greatly reduces with those devices and that even at lower thermostat settings, the comfort is always the same. But how do infrared heaters actually compare to conventional heating systems?

The first pro would be that they work instantly: conventional heating systems warm up the air around objects or people so there is a time difference between turning on your heater and actually feeling warm, whereas infrared heaters warm directly and you feel the warmth instantly, with no lag period.

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Secondly, they work extremely silent because they radiate light by evenly transferring heat from a polished metal onto which the heat is reflected instead of using fans to distribute heat. So they are ideal for rooms where noise-sensitivity is an issue, such as offices or bedrooms. And seeing that they do not influence humidity levels or oxygen concentrations in your rooms, you are not left facing common heating system side-effects such as dry sinuses or skin or allergies due to dust particles being moved around.

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For green-lovers out there, infrared heaters also address your desires, since they work with no carbon combustion whatsoever, toxic by-products or open flames: this does not only make them directly safe (i.e. children getting burned) but also indirectly, due to their environmental friendliness. Moreover, as they heat objects directly, no energy is wasted heating and preheating rooms and, having around 300 Watt energy consumption, with almost 100 percent energy transmission, we would say that it’s pretty efficient. If you are already thinking of purchasing an infrared heater you can find out more information on

What sealed the deal for most with infrared heaters was the minimal maintenance cost. People used to heat their apartment with a conventional heating system with an open flame using gas. Due to safety regulations it had to be checked every 6 months by a professional (this means hourly costs, replacing small components) and it required filter changes and other large component changes every year or two. This does not seem much every time you perform these maintenance corrections, but add it up to the heating bill and you almost feel like crying. With infrared heaters, there are no motors, no moving parts, nothing that can wear out, no air or any other type of filters and no lubrication. The only thing you need to do is clean the reflectors – and I’d say that’s children’s play.

Oh, and did I forget they look darn awesome too? Manufacturers have put a great deal of effort into making them quite stylish, so they fit any and all decors you can name. There are many with furniture-like finishes or wood textured that are impossible not to fit in, so they can be proudly displayed at last!

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