What You Should Know Before Investing in an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment and a promise of an exciting life ahead. However, buying one is not easy and a lot of thought should go into it.

The first of course is judging the preferences of your partner. Most women dream from childhood of the type of ring that they would like to receive and one that deviates a lot from her set thoughts will surely leave her terribly disappointed. Hence, you have to discreetly know her tastes and what she wants, if not directly then through a common friend. The next is the budget. Here, the onus is on you to decide. You can either break your bank with a rock sized diamond or opt for a more modest ring. Most couples today do not prefer to splurge on engagement rings and instead choose a low priced one and save for a vacation or the honeymoon.

Here are a few tips to help you make up your mind on buying an engagement ring.

Types of engagement rings

Traditionally, engagement rings are synonymous with diamonds, mainly because of the sustained advertisement campaign carried out by diamond mining giant DeBeers. The lead “A Diamonds is forever” is still deeply imprinted in people’s minds even though the ad is almost 80 years old. However, there are many other types of engagement rings that you can consider too.

Diamond engagement rings

A diamond ring will surely bring a smile to her face when you pop the question and will always be a safe bet for you. In diamond rings, a solitaire stands out from others and you can purchase a large or a small stone based on your budget. For something off the beaten track, a square shaped or pear shaped setting will help your partner make an exclusive fashion statement.

While colourless white diamonds are common, coloured diamonds can be an option for you. They are very expensive because of their rarity. For example, the Argyle Mines in Kimberley, Western Australia is the world’s largest producer of pink diamonds and the only one in this diamond niche. Colours range from Faint pink, very light pink, light pink, fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink to fancy vivid pink and fancy deep/dark pink. For an exquisite collection of white and coloured diamond engagement rings visit the showroom of Australian Diamond Company in Melbourne, Australia. The dazzling designs and unique creations will surely leave you short of breath.

Gold Engagement Rings

Gold is the base metal that is much preferred for engagement rings. Its lustrous yellow colour goes well with any stone size or colour that you might choose – not necessarily diamonds. Pure gold is soft and hence has to be mixed with other metals to make it hard so that a stone can be easily set on it. This changes the colour of gold from pure yellow to white or pink-gold both of which are favourites for engagement rings.

Tacori Engagement Rings

A ring from the house of Tacori is one sure way to flaunt your wealth and electrify your partner. Tacori is an internationally famous super luxury bridal and jewellery designer house based in the USA. Their engagement rings are much desired items and their range of designs will leave you amazed.

Moissanite Engagement Rings 

While a large diamond ring can set you back financially, you have the option of buying a similar sized stone at a fraction of the cost if you opt for Moissanite that looks exactly like a real diamond. The stone is made in the laboratory from silicon carbide and is impossible to differentiate from a real diamond. Like diamond, it is very hard and durable too. Because of its price and being a look-alike of the real thing, Moissanite engagement rings are very popular all over the world today.

Shape of the bands

Apart from the stone and the metal, there is one more issue that needs to be decided when purchasing engagement rings. It is the shape of the band which will hold the stone which has conventionally been circular in shape. Today other shapes are popular too and the most non-traditional ones are –

  • Open bands – The open band is not one continuous circle and has a stone at the end of each opening. It helps to highlight the setting of the stones as a part of the ring finger is exposed at the middle.
  • Square bands – Square bands were much in fashion in the 60s but like all style trends has reinvented itself. The settings on square bands usually have classic details and clean and intricate lines. Since the band is somewhat angular in looks, it is best complemented with square and rectangular gemstones such as princess cuts and emerald shapes.

Keep these options in mind when you step into a store to buy an engagement ring. Choose a ring after weighing all the pros and cons with special focus on what your partner would prefer to wear on her finger.

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