Health Hazards: Some Unhidden Secrets about ChamCham Sweet

ChamCham Sweet poison

ChamCham is a traditional bengali sweet commonly famous in pakistan and india and i ‘ve heard of them being called “Pleasure Boats” and know people who use the name as a term of endearment for their loved ones! Not surprising because Cham-Chams are truly delicious and very sweet indeed! Cham-Cham is a typically Bengali (east Indian) sweet.

Main ingredients are milk,flour,cream and suger that makes up this delicious sweet “cham cham” if i specify only two countries  india and pakistan and i am going to talk with the context of these two nations where every city is heavily polluted,where no proper sanitation systems are implemented,where excess amount of CO2 has been released in daily routine,where floods have ruined the crops and making the environment unfavorable for humans to survive.

In these dense polluted countries you can imagine the quality of life being spent my humans and quality of food intake by humans.Did you ever imagine how a product(food) are made?what are the processes?Did you ever try to investigate the quality of food?If not then i am going to reveal these things to you,how these sweets have been made i am targeting a specific type of sweet called chamcham (Pleasure boats).

So i am going to unleash the hidden truth about this sweet poison chamcham that look delicious from out side but inside it is a hidden poison and people are desperate to eat them,almost in every occasion this sweet is being exchanged between friends,relative and on other formal parties but we don not know that we are intaking a poison not a healthy sweet.

First of all  the kitchen of the bakery in many cities of pakistan and india so much polluted,flies are siting on sweets,workers are not flowing health rules,no proper clean up system in the kitchen and last but not the least bakers are using “DETERGENTS” in making of cham cham!! Yes it is true,on several surveys and by police raid it has been noticed and recorded that 70 percent of the bakeries are using Detergents in the making of cham cham,they said by them self! i am talking with context of a report prepared by “Saama Tv”. My question is that where are the food inspectors?why they are playing with the life of local people?why the officials and policy makers do not make a proper channel of inspecting the quality of food?why the have given the most important designations like food inspectors to illetrate  person?

Detergents directly effect our skin and as we in take these sweets so it can harm our liver,lungs and it has also the capability to damage our nervous system; Recent research says,

“Envirocivil team prepared this report by the context of a report presented by “Saama Tv”,EnviroCivil Scientists and researchers believe that we are eating a slow poison which looks so yummy and delicious but we are not aware how much it is dangerous for our health as several detergents have been used in the making process”

If you are not believing this all you can check it out by your self and i can challenge you that this is true and after reading this and investigation by your own will you eat CHAMCHAM (Pleasure Boats) again?? Choice is yours….!! Quality or Quantity depends on you.


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