Health Vs Sustainable food

Health Vs Sustainable food

Sustainable food means different things to each of us, as we search for to balance budding food issues about various healths, environmental and social concerns. When producing food, we need to use less limited resources like oil, and release less greenhouse gases, treat those in food chain better

, and make money for further investment, Sustainable food encourages debates and dilemmas such as food miles or local,ethical & fair trade, land & employment, climate change & carbon labeling, cheap & quality, health & environment, biodiversity & monoculture, veggie & animal.

Healthy food gives someone the standard of their living as well as keeps away from all the diseases as the famous proverb demonstrate that one healthy apple in a day keeps a doctor away so by applying this in your life to sustain your life you should use sustainable food The goal of the Healthy and Sustainable Food Program is to help people make food choices that are healthy for them and the environment.

Food is not only the most basic determinant of human health, but the most personal and direct way that people interact with the environment on a daily basis. Food issues also cut across many global environmental issues such as climate change, ozone depletion, toxics, the over-exploitation of resources, and the loss of habitat and biodiversity

We should use local and seasonally available ingredients to minimize the energy used in food production.

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Join a food co-op so that you and your friends can bulk-buy seasonal produce at an affordable price

We can improve agro-farming by applying new techniques and by local or global awarness about this sustainable food program.

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