Herbs For Weight Loss – A Natural Way To Weight Loss

Herbs For Weight Loss

Are you one of those who are overweight or obese? Have you been tempted to try one of the many over-the-counter supplements and herbal remedies for weight loss? With all of the new weight-loss drugs which envied the markets – and caused argument – a lot of people are also searching for supplementation to assist the weight loss. But you cannot assume which weight loss supplement is safe and effective .However, you can save yourself time and money looking for this food supplements, simply you can have a visit to the shelves at your kitchen and you will find the following herbs which are safe and efficient.

Herbs For Weight Loss 


Cinnamon is popular spice —it helps to control and regulate blood sugar level that increases insulin level so your strong desire for foods rich in sugar decrease. It also slows the absorption of food, so you feel full for a long time. Cinnamon also assists the transfer of fats from the liver so, the body can use them to get energy, metabolize fat easier and reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

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Do you know that ginger can keep you slim? Ginger boosts metabolism that increased by 20%, which accelerates the process of burning calories. Add small pieces of this herb to your meal and see how it fights the obesity. Ginger has anti-inflammatory characteristic and is known to help relax your intestinal tract. Studies also suggests that ginger, not only may have properties that contribute to the heat production which increases your metabolism, but also have an effect on appetite suppression when consumed, which refers to the role of ginger in weight management.

Green Tea

Green tea contains compounds called catechins, class of antioxidants which have been associated with an increased metabolic process and the ability to motivate burning of fats. In a study Posted in U.S magazine in 2005  of Clinical Nutrition, that  a group of men who consumed 690 milligrams of green tea daily have lost more weight within three months of the control group (an average of 5.3 pounds compared to 2.9 pounds). Past studies have shown that green tea causes weight loss among women also.

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Dandelion is a moderate diuretic, laxative, and a digestive aid that boosts metabolism of fat and helps to lower cholesterol. It also strengthens eradication of fatty acids through the digestive tract whereas contains several vitamins and minerals depleted through the use of diuretics, and reduce by the opportunity to the imbalances. We should note that long-term use leads to electrolyte depletion, as in the case with any type of diuretic.


This herb comes with magic therapeutic properties that helps in the treatment of heart and blood vessels, improves the immune system and treats common cold and even to fight cancer recent research has shown that this magical herb claims to reduce fat from your waistline. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which specifically suppress the hunger pangs and Promotes your metabolism.  One or two cloves of raw garlic per week shows remarkable results.

All the above mentioned spices and herbs which are used for weight loss are extensively used in our cooking, but we have long been ignorant of properties of weight loss. Nowadays, we are aware of them, we must make proper use of them so as to benefit our health.

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