How Does Drug Abuse Affect Your Mental Health

What does mental health mean to you? Everyone has a different definition of it. To some, it is happiness while to others it means contentment. Regardless of which definition you choose to follow, we can all agree that mental health is a sign of positivity and a happy way of life.

Mental ill health, on the other hand, is featured by sadness, stress, and depression. It comes with all kind of problems that hinder happiness. Your mental health can profoundly be affected by external influences, drugs being one of them. Drugs can affect your brain functionality, moods and arouse some emotions while dampening others down. There are both the short-term, and long-term drug effects on mental health and some of them include;

Anxiety disorder

You may start experiencing panic attacks or severe anxiety for no reason. Your heartbeat rate increases; you sweat and tremble a lot for a short period. Even worse; you might experience shortness of breath, or you start losing control of your emotions. This is one of the common short-term drug abuse effects.


This is common with psychoactive drugs. It is a condition featured by dilutions and hallucinations, and you tend to see things that are not there. It causes disturbances and restlessness once you start seeing and hearing things that are not there.

Psychoactive drugs could also cause ongoing or long-term mental health problems. These include;

Depression and ecstasy

You may experience short-term depression which results from ecstasy. Depression is a condition where you feel overwhelmed and stressed. It is characterized by sadness and lack of interest in anything. You do not want to socialize, eat or do anything. Hallucinations characterize ecstasy. With delusion comes fear. You start feeling like you are losing your mind. Everywhere you go, you see and hear things that are not there. You even start talking alone, and everyone around you views you as a mad person. That’s when depression kicks in as you try to figure out what could be happening with you.


This is a mental illness which makes you hear voices in your head that make you think that someone is trying to harm or control you. This is mostly common with cannabis users. You start running as you try to escape from ‘harm’. You fear being around people and whenever people try to come close you chase them away. This condition can be disturbing especially to those around you and in the end you might end up harming yourself or try to commit suicide.

These are a few of the mental health effects of drug abuse. The final results are a wasted life because you cannot do anything constructive without a clear mind. Good news is that all hope is not gone. You can still change the situation before it gets worse by enrolling in a rehab and recovery center. There are numerous centers out there, and once you find the best that suits your needs, your life will undoubtedly change for the better. Use reliable resources like to find the ideal rehab center near you and change your lifestyle for the better.

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