Important Things to Remember About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the latest replacements to the traditional cigarettes and cigars. There are a lot many good things that this switching over is going to bring along for the regular smokers. Of course, here too a lot depends on the kind of smoker you are…a light smoker, a moderate smoker or a heavy smoker. Regardless of the category in which you may fall into, using the e-cigs has found to bring in a lot more benefits not only in terms of health but also in terms of costs too. Therefore, it becomes essential that you take good care of the instrument so that it runs for a longer time and gives you a good smoking experience. There is the e-liquid in the cartridge which is responsible for producing the thick vapors that are similar to the ones given out while smoking. So, until and unless the battery, the cartridge and the cartomizer are in good condition, you will only be frustrated as you may not be getting a similar experience.

Some helpful information will definitely contribute towards helping you in extending the life of your e-cig.

  • Do not leave the battery in places where there is bound to be high temperature.

  • Do not also store away the batteries in places where there is bound to be a lot of dust. The battery in the e-cigarette is almost similar to the one you can find in the mobile phones. It is also bound to get damaged easily when you leave it in places where there is a lot of dust.

  • You will have to detach the cartomizer from the electronic cigarette when it is not in use.

  • Do not recharge the battery for more than four to five hours. Though many people leave it for charging overnight, it may just shorten the battery’s life.

  • When you keep the electronic cigarette in horizontal direction, the e-liquid will not drip into the battery. They may perhaps not be any leakage too. Leakages are not any good news considering the life of the battery.

  • One more important thing that you need to bear in mind is that you should not wait till all the battery is completely drained out. Have a backup and then charge the one that you have been using.

When you are into a mode of quitting smoking you will have to keep this information in mind so that you do not get frustrated for lack of effectiveness when smoking the e-cig. When you clean the battery regularly and maintain the unit well, you can be assured of getting a good smoking experience.

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