Mood Gardening

mood grdening

Colors have effect on our mood and we can treat hypertensions and hypotension cases with the help of colors.  The colors of cloths that we wear, the color of home where we live, the color of office room where we do job, in short all colors around us depict our mood and personality. These colors also have effect on human health.

Pale and soft shades of blue, violet, pink, lemon, coffee etc have a calming effect on our thoughts, mood and behavior.  These colors are helpful in treatment of hypertension. Red, orange, yellow and other vibrant hues stimulate and enliven he system.  These bright and dark colors can applicable in treatment of hypotension.  White and green colors are considered as colors of peace. These two colors are also balancing colors for all the rest and have calming effect on their own. Black, dark brown, dull purple and dark colors are considered as color of dull people and people with negative feelings.

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In today’s race of world, everybody is facing the problem of stress, depression, hypotension and hypertension and scientific research has discovered that if affected people take a fifteen minute feet up break twice a day, in a lavender colored room with perfumed smell of lavender, the emerge feeling can keep them relax and free of depression.  Green offices or officers with some green touch in form of money plants or paint gives a pleasant atmosphere to workers. Besides this, green color is also good for patients living in mental hospitals. This color give depression free atmosphere to the patient Researchers also found that when medicines are failed in treatment of mental patients, chemotherapy is best option.

If you are under stress or depression, just go to the garden which is filled with freshly perfumed flowers and have sequence of white and green colors in garden.

An ideal stress relieving garden can be filled with plants such as blue pink, creamy and lemon, greens, reds, white, orange flowers and green plants.

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Blue flowers that can be part of stress relieving garden are:

Lavender, cornflower, larkspur, cineraria, nicandra, sweet nepta, passion flowers, sweet nepeta, aster, arcotis, br-wisteria, petunias


Pink flower can be holushocks, carnations, corn flowers, statice, sticks, petunias, larkspur, roses, sweet peas, alyssum, linaria, phlox sosmos, poppies, spur,etc

Creams and lemon

Cream and lemon colored flowers can be:

Hooly shocks, roses, begonia, sweet Williams, petunia, pansies, gazania, poppies,mari golds, nasturtiums etc.


Ferns, bells of Ireland, helle bores, passion flowers, nicotiana, zinnia, variegated green and white plants and just about any soft green shrub creeper, climber, or tree you can think.This garden style is best for those who are feeling themselves restless, sleepless and under depression.

In planning a ideal garden, above style garden is only for suggestion and may not be suitable for your local climatic condition. You can change it what you want and according to your climatic condition.

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