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quit smoking

Heavy smoking is, arguably, the most harmful habit that any individual can develop, during the course of his/her life. Quitting such habits do not, generally, prove to be a cakewalk either. In what follows, we take a look at a few systematic guidelines, which can bolster your desire to get rid of regular puffing tendencies.

Practically everyone in the contemporary society is aware of the ill-effects of smoking frequently. In fact, many chain smokers often try to give up on this habit, to steer clear of the potentially serious medical hazards that it can lead to, over the long-run. However, the strength of will is often found wanting in most of such people, as a result of which, they relapse to their regular puffing habits. If you too are looking to get out of the maze that you feel the smoke trails of tobacco have engulfed you with, going through the following tips would probably be helpful:

  • Control your smoking urges – A person takes out a cigarette stick only when (s)he feels a strong (and seemingly uncontrollable) urge to have a smoke. The urge can result from mental stress, depression, fatigue, and several other such causes. However, smoking causes much more harm than good, and that is precisely why smokers need to control their urge to have a puff. While this can seem to be a pretty tough task for the first few days, regular abstinence from smoking will result in the gradual fading of such unhealthy urges.
  • Drink lots of water – Never ever let your body get dehydrated, when you are looking to get rid of smoking habits. Apart from maintaining your general health levels, adequate intake of water also helps in quick removal of nicotine content, and other such toxic materials from the body.
  • Choose the best time – If you had been a hard smoker for a long time, do not simply take the plunge that you will never smoke, from a certain day. Doing away with smoking habits is a process, which has to be taken forward gradually. Start by decreasing the number of cigarettes you have each day, and continue this until you are completely sure that it is safe to quit smoking altogether.
  • Go for a balanced diet – During the ‘withdrawal’ period from smoking, it is not advisable to consume too much of high-calorie food items. Beverages like coffee, and even liquor, can also increase your cravings for having a smoke, and hence, they should best be avoided too. Make sure that you are not taking excessive sugar in your meals/drinks either.
  • Exercise regularly – Following a dedicated exercise regime can help you in your endeavors to quit smoking. In particular, joining yoga and/or meditation classes can prove to be greatly helpful in de-stressing your mind and body. This, in turn, would calm your nerves and lessen your apparent ‘need’ to have a puff.
  • Go for some substitute products – There are certain nicotine substitutes available in the market, like chewing gums and other such products. You can also get in the habit of having fresh mint in your mouth, to curb your desire to smoke (and cleanse your breath too, in the process!). Artificial cigarettes, which carry none of the toxic ingredients of their original counterparts, can also be used by people looking to become non-smokers.
  • List out all the benefits of not smoking – The mental aspect of the process of quitting smoking is extremely significant. You can note down all the advantages that you stand to gain, if you do manage to kick the habit (it will be a long list, for sure!). Regularly looking at this list will give you the requisite motivation to stay away from the poisonous cigarette sticks.

Ideally, get in touch with an experienced medical practitioner, to know about the techniques that would ensure that it is, indeed, safe to quit smoking, for you. Say goodbye to this habit for good, and welcome a fresher, healthier life!

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