The Killing Effects of Painkillers

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Not everyone is born with a fantastic threshold for pain. When we say that we must always be cautious about how our body functions, and how to take up precautions before a disease turns into something ugly, it is not implied that we must keep popping pills for the slightest of body aches. Popping pills might provide relief to us, but it is doing more harm to our body than good. We might not realise this today, but a few years down the line the repercussions will start showing in horrendous ways. Among all the drugs that our doctors prescribe us, and the ones that we ingest in a heartbeat, painkillers do more harm than anything else. These apparently naïve pills are little killers in disguise, and probably it is where it gets its name. It truly is a slow and silent killer.

 I used to swear by painkillers like a religion, until one day, I came to terms with its grim ramifications. I was a student back then, and my severe and frequent bouts of headaches would keep me awake at nights. Naturally, just like every ignorant non-medical human, I kept popping painkillers. It goes without saying that the painkillers worked like magic, and I thought that they were my one stop solution to every painful health ordeal. Little did I know that these tiny pills were, in fact, annihilating my body bit by bit. As it so happened, one fine day when my headache relapsed, worse than ever, my hands automatically reached out for the bottle of pills. I popped one, without knowing what was about to follow. The pain took longer to subside this time, but I was relieved nevertheless. Or at least I thought I was! After some time, I could feel my eyes feeling heavy, and in a matter of minutes, my eyelids were swollen. Thinking that it might have been some kind of an insect bite, I brushed the issue aside. However, after a few days when the same thing happened after popping in another pill, I knew that something was wrong. Ever since that, every time I had the painkiller, my eyes itched and swelled up. Also, it kept turning uglier. I knew it had to stop. I knew I had to stop. I consulted my doctor and was informed by her that my body had started to react to that particular painkiller and I could take that no more. It was my body’s way of warning me. I stopped with immediate effect and never touched a painkiller ever since. However, I had to know what is it that exactly happens when you ingest a painkiller. So I dug around.

How Do Painkillers Work?

Our body has self-healing properties, and sometimes, it needs to feel the pain to be able to act on it. Therefore, you see, John Green was right. Pain does demand to be felt. However, as soon as you pop in a painkiller, the composition of the pills interferes with the pain messages that are sent to your brain. As a result, the brain does not function the way it should have during a painful physical event, and you, thus, do not feel pain. This entire process might seem entirely benign. However, the long term impact of blocking nerve impulses has dangerous implications. Some situations demand the administration of painkillers, like gruesome accidents and post-surgical care, where the pain is just too much for the body to bear. However, minor headaches or body aches can always be contained by alternative methods. Continual ingestion of painkillers permanently ruins the nerve ways and might also damage certain primal functions of the brain. It lowers the body’s immunity and slowly leads to the body becoming non-respondent to painkillers.

The Various Ramifications of Painkillers:

Drug Addiction-

Continuous use of painkillers makes you dependent on it even without you being aware. Painkillers are drugs, after all, and drugs lead to addiction. One of the worse forms of painkillers is opioids, which is known to have effects as similar to that of heroin. Heroin is known to cause euphoria and so are opioids. This further results in severe addiction, thus, destroying the lives of all those who grow to become dependent on them.


Painkillers interfere with nerve impulses, which are responsible for carrying messages to the brain. Therefore, it does not need to be spelt out that painkillers increase the risk of brain disorders, among which dementia is quite common. Dementia is the condition where an individual loses cognitive capabilities and memory. Individuals who dose up on painkillers are more prone to dementia as they age than those who do not.


Withdrawal symptoms resulting from various psychological disorders are quite common from prolonged usage of painkillers. Not many would be aware of the fact that mental disorders result from specific hormonal imbalance. It is scientific and is not a myth. Therefore, when painkillers are taken in, they mess up with the body in ways unimaginable. As a result, the brain might face a dearth or a surge of hormones, which further leads to mental disorders.

Besides the aforementioned side effects of using painkillers, there are a plethora of others, each of which pushes our bodies towards ruination. However, there are ways by which the use of painkillers can be restricted, without having to deal with excruciating pain as well. One tried and tested method is the use of CBD.

What Is CBD?

CBD is an element that can be found in cannabis and has miraculous medicinal properties. CBD oil is known to one of the best alternatives to painkillers. The oil, when applied to the site of pain, acts quickly and relieves an individual of the pain. Unlike painkillers, it does not interfere with the functioning of the nerve impulses or the brain, and therefore, does no harm to the body. It is a natural way of healing the body and comes with no side effects. The proven uses of CBD oil have gotten doctors and other medical practitioners interested to use it as an alternate form of treatment.

CBD not only alleviates pain but also combats various psychological ailments, improves heart health and fights the symptoms of severe neurological diseases. Users of CBD would probably vouch for its utilities, and it is one of the best alternatives for painkillers.

There might be situations where painkillers seem like the only way out. However, that by no means should become an obnoxious habit, one that has the potential to destroy body, mind and soul.

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