What is Creatinine Test? What it Measures?

Simply put, Creatinine Test is that test which measures the functioning of kidney. Creatinine refers to the waste product resulting from usual breakdown of muscular tissue. When creatinine in the body is produced, it is filtered in kidney and then excreted. The creatinine level in the blood may speak a lot about kidney functioning. If the level is normal then the kidney is functioning as usual and there is no issue. It is the function of kidney to maintain creatinine level in the blood. So, the test is a reliable way to judge the functioning of kidney. Elevated level of creatinine suggests that the kidney is impaired and needs medical intervention. Creatinine blood test is as important as lipid profile test and should be taken immediately if you are prescribed by the doctor.

What is the normal creatinine level in the blood?

Elevated creatinine level is even noticed among infants. But, it is suggests bacteremia in infants while a prostate cancer in males. You may be wondering about the normal level of creatinine. In adult male, the normal level of creatinine would be between 0.6 mg to 1.2 mg or milligram per deciliter. In adult females the normal level is 0.5miligram per deciliter to 1.1 milligram per deciliter. If the person has only one functioning kidney, the creatinine level would be between 1.8 and 1.9 mg. If the creatinine level in babies exceeds 2.0 and the creatinine level in adult males reaches out to 5.0mg, it suggests severe kidney impairment. The doctor prescribes the use of dialysis machine to get rid of the waste from the blood. But, it is based on several considerations. This includes the level of creatinine in the blood, the level of potassium and BUN. The fluid content available for retention is also to be considered.

Symptoms suggesting that you have high creatinine level

There are various symptoms to suggest that the kidney is not functioning well and that the creatinine level is above average. The symptoms vary as per the presence of creatinine in the blood. A person can find elevated levels of creatinine in the blood on the report of routine blood test quite incidentally. This shows an impairment of kidney. The following are the important symptoms of elevated creatinine level:

  • feeling of fatigue
  • dehydration
  • edema or swelling
  • nausea, vomiting, dry skin or some non-specific symptoms
  • strange kind of confusion
  • panting for breath usually

There can be various reasons behind an increase of creatinine in the blood. It may result from other medical conditions leading to kidney impairment. Common causes are high blood pressure and diabetes. Certain kinds of drugs may also increase the level. Dietary meat can increase Serum Creatinine dramatically in the blood. Kidney infection might also result to the situation.

It is seen that elderly people have less of creatinine. The normal range for infants is 0.2mg as per their muscular movement. If you have high fever, you may be prescribed WidalTest to find if it is Typhoid.

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