What is TRT?

I was totally shattered when my doctor told me that my testosterone levels were low and that I need a Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). For many men this may not sound like a big issue when they age. I was only in my mid 40s and I was a physically fit person. I used to jog and have been active throughout my life. My doctor told me that it could be because of increased stress at work and the subsequent poor quality ofsleep. He asked me to relax and also suggested to cut down on my stress levels. However, my work pressure and work situation was something that I couldn’t possibly escape and I began with some meditation techniques to reduce my stress levels. In spite of all these I began feeling extreme fatigue to the extent that I had to take off from work or even work from home on some occasions. I began to see that my quality of life kept deteriorating with decreased mood, low energy levels, lack of pleasure and general weakness.

I realized that I lost interest in everything while trying to catch up with my work, in an effort to compensate for my absence at office. Added to this, it was also taking a toll on my psychological well-being whenever I failed in achieving erection or had a low drive for sex. I no more felt like a man and it was not easy for me to talk about it to my wife. I kept giving excuses saying that my work pressure and stress at office were the reasons why I was losing interest in everything. My wife was very empathetic and she was the one who pushed to see a doctor. When the doctor diagnosed that my problem of erectile dysfunction was because of low testosterone levels possibly caused due to stress, it was difficult for me to accept. I didn’t want to break the news to my wife and I only told her the half-truth that I was suffering with chronic stress and that the doctor had advised me to relax and try meditation to reduce my stress levels. My wife took the issue at ease while I kept struggling mentally with my real problem. I was not very convinced about TRT and I wanted to try other remedies like testosterone supplements. I bought one from Walgreens and tried it for a month. However, I didn’t see much improvements and I went back to my doctor.

My doctor suggested that I should try TRT. I was little hesitant to take the injection and so he asked me to try the skin patch. He asked me to continue with intense exercises like working out in a gym rather than just jogging. He also suggested to follow a healthy diet and continue meditation to decrease my stress levels and catch up on sufficient sleep. Ifollowed his advice and also used the testosterone skin patch for a month. Nothing improved and I continued to experience low energy levels, low mood, exhaustion, and poor concentration. My self-esteem continued to be on the low and I felt quite helpless and irritable. I was struggling to share my problems to my wife and finally decided to go in for counseling sessions. After having listened to my problem, the counselor also suggested that I try TRT for my low testosterone and insisted to bring my wife along for the next counseling session. He suggested that I should talk to my wife with regard to my problem and that I needed empathy and emotional support to boost my self-esteem. I just did as the counselor recommended and I began seeing improvements when I sought therapy from him along with my wife.

I went back to my doctor for TRT. But this time with all my inhibitions removed to try the injection. When I began taking injections, I saw improvements within a month’s time. I saw improvements in my energy levels, libido, mood, hemoglobin level, etc. I didn’t give up on my gym workout, healthy eating habits and meditation for stress. I also ensured to get sufficient rest and sleep and kept open talks with my wife. Actually, my wife helped me a lot in the whole process by listening to my concerns and motivating me to continue on TRT. After two weeks, I went back to my doc and did all the tests along with testosterone to ensure that all my other blood work including thyroid, hemoglobin, hematocrit, etc. were normal. To my surprise they were. The doctor adjusted my dosage and also the frequency of  TRT accordingly and I don’t regret that I made the choice for TRT injection.

Many men hesitate taking TRT because they would like to go in for less invasive and less expensive treatment like testosterone supplements, creams, gel, patches, etc. Others may have their own fears of TRT side effects or long-term complications. TRT is not just to increase a man’s libido or address the issue of erectile dysfunction as many of them think. It plays an important role in how your body functions. Low energy levels, low mood and irritability along with inability to function normally like anyone less or even as before can really a take a toll on aman’s life. I am sure my chronic stress could have caused my testosterone levels to go low. But merely reducing my stress levels did not help me in restoring my testosterone hormone. When I continued to see that my low energy levels, low mood, irritability, poor memory and effect on concentration were all because of my low testosterone, I felt helpless and incapable. I was not effective at work and it seemed like a disability for me. I didn’t want to continue my life in this fashion as I wanted my strength, vitality and vigor back to become efficient at work. For me that determined my manhood than just lack of libido. I determined that nothing should stop me and make me feel miserable byaffectingmy self-esteem or well-being. And my choice of TRT didn’t prove me wrong.


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