Hydnora Africana – Rare Specie [EnviroMation]

Whenever you hear about plant, obviously a picture of lush green beautiful image comes to your mind.Here I am going to tell you about a plant which is not a beautiful and lush green. It doesn’t have an attractive look but is interesting. The name of this mystery plant is “Hydnora Africana”commonly it is known as “Jackel Food”.hydnora africana

Hydnora Africana Specie

This ugly plant grows in arid desert regions of South Africa. Almost, it grows completely underground on the roots of the shrubby plants. The only part that grows above the surface is fleshy flower. At first sight, you will say it is blind snake with open mouth but it is not snake. Actually, the appearance of the flower is looked like blind snake. Another interesting feature of this plant is that it is plant but leafless plant and has no chlorophyll (Green Pigments).

hydnora africana

It is brown –grey in color. With the passage of age, it turns from dark grey to black. It body is only visible in one condition when its developing flowers push through the ground. Height of its flower is about 100mm to 150mm. The flower has a very unique contrast of brown and orange.

The outer color is brown and inner color is orange. Shape of the flowers is spherical. The plant is only visible when flowers protrude through the soil after a good rain fall. Under unsuitable conditions, the bud takes one year to change into flower.

hydnora africana

One more interesting fact about this plant is, its nature is carnivorous, means it eats flash. Well, talking about its smell, it doesn’t have attractive smell. Its smell is like feces. This smell attracts the dung beetles and carrion. When beetles sit on its petal, the petals closed and beetle will trap in it.

Well these were some facts and information about Hydnora Africana. Let us know about your views about this plant in comments section below.

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