How do I rescue my cat from the Cat-fight?

angry cat

Male cats are extremely possessive about their territory and when it comes to some foreign intervention, they become wildly angry and tend to attack the intruder cat. The stray cats, being more clever and experienced with their fighting skills, may injure your pet cat during the fight. This must be really scary for you and the loving parent inside of you gets upset in this situation. You then try to make an attempt to just pick your cat home but, in this situation, your own cat may bite you or injure you with the claws.

Follow the steps mentioned below for the safe rescue of your cat:

With a water spray, stop the fight by spraying some water on the intruder and your own cat and then shoo away the intruder or call the animal shelter if you know any.

Your pet will still be angry so don’t try to pick him. Instead, take a towel and bring him home.

This always works for my cats and I hope it would work for you too. But please, never bully the intruder cat whatsoever for coming to your pet’s territory. They are cats too who are unfortunate of being stray; don’t punish them either if you cannot adopt them.


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