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World water day; developing world needs water not celebrations

More than half of the world’s population is just celebrating the world water day like other events celebration for having fun with friends and to meet new people and friends at congregations heedlessly of the fact that the water they use

Importance of Awareness in Solid Waste Management

Solid waste is defined as the unusable and unwanted products in the solid and semi-solid state derived from the activities and removed by society. Waste can be considered as nothing but valuable material at wrong place. There is no substantial in

Precautionary Steps For The Eco-Tourist In Backdraft Of Climate Change

For the income generation of countries across the world, tourism is gaining more and more popularity. Asia-Pacific region is the leader in tourism industry with 13% arrivals from 2009-2010 with the 2nd highest growth rate due to tourism in 2010 (UNWTO).

How to Conserve Energy

Step 1: Conserve water By using less water, you will lower your water bill and therefore make some savings on the amounts you spend on the utility. Using less hot water can also improve how much you spend on gas, electricity


World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan) has condemned hunting of 2,100 Houbara Bustard in Chagai, Baluchistan. Divisional Forest Officer of Baluchistan Forest and Wildlife Department, Chagai in Dalbandin highlighted hunting of 2,100 Houbara Bustards. Houbara Bustard, is listed as “vulnerable” in

Road kill: A Risk to Wildlife Populations

Blue-spotted salamanders are at risk of local extirpation from road mortality when they travel to breeding ponds in the spring. Collisions between wildlife and vehicles are one of the environmental consequences of roads. While it is only one aspect of road

Seeing The World With Environmental Eye

World is the most beautiful place to live, make your life luxurious, enjoying the awesome moments and converting them into more satisfied form and trying to solve all problems that boost up and adds more fun and joy in life and

Tips for Saving the Environment

In recent years, the number of natural disasters and effects of global warming significantly increased.People are starting to realize that the way they live their lives has a huge effect on our planet. We can’t ignore nature’s signs anymore.Every human being