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4 Energy Saving Lighting Types That Can Save You A Fortune

According to the Energy Saving Trust, lighting makes up 18% of your household’s electricity bill. Old fashioned light bulbs are being phased out and replaced by energy efficient alternatives designed to reduce the average UK home’s energy bill. Traditional bulbs are
air pollution

How To Reduce Air Pollution?

It is said that human can live two weeks without food, two days without water and only two minutes without clean air. Even breathing contaminated air also can make you sick. That is so small interval we can live without, that

5 Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Building

If your building is consuming more energy than it provides, it’s probably time to reconsider your energy efficiency strategy. You won’t get any guidance from a competitive market that focuses on numerous property characteristics, including energy efficiency. Commercial tenants in particular

Awareness – 5 plants to hurt you and 5 plants to help you in the wilderness

Knowing your good plants and your bad plants can be a great tool for surviving in the wilderness, or just for maximising the usefulness of your garden. It might be hard to believe but the UK forestland has an abundance of

Avoid nasty surprises – Check your oil tank regularly to avoid long term damage

When relying on an oil tank for your main source of central heating, it is crucial that you check the oil tank regularly for leaks, corrosion and other signs of delay. Once an oil tank has started to deteriorate, you will

Common sense: Avoiding hazards in the workplace

Whether you’re in a high risk environment or an office, it is important to know the risks of your environment and to be aware as to how they can be avoided safely. There are accidents and injuries just waiting to happen

World water day; developing world needs water not celebrations

More than half of the world’s population is just celebrating the world water day like other events celebration for having fun with friends and to meet new people and friends at congregations heedlessly of the fact that the water they use

Importance of Awareness in Solid Waste Management

Solid waste is defined as the unusable and unwanted products in the solid and semi-solid state derived from the activities and removed by society. Waste can be considered as nothing but valuable material at wrong place. There is no substantial in