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reduce calculate carbon footprint

How to Reduce and Calculate Personal Carbon Footprint?

When the word carbon footprint is heard I usually think of the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by burning of fossil fuels. Although somewhat true, the complete definition described by (Weidmann, 2007) of Carbon Footprint (CF) is the total
GMOs In Pakistan

The Verdict On GMOs In Pakistan

People’s awareness and concern over what they eat and where their food comes from has increased in the last few years. With more and more scandals coming to surface about food contamination in Pakistan, people have been demanding safer and good
renewable energy

Renewable Energy Resources and Pakistan Trends

RENEWABLE ENERGY has potential to serve the major proportion of Pakistan’s energy mix if handled properly Renewable Energy Policy, Current Energy Generation Statistics and Upcoming Plans June, 2016 Renewable energy has become the center of focus especially after Paris agreement (COP21)
pakistan environment

Environment of Pakistan…A Threat

Environmental issues got to be the keystone of all development issues on numerous levels. Major environmental problems presently attempt Islamic Republic of Pakistan embrace global climate change, water, energy, pollution and waste management, salinity and water work, irrigated agriculture and a
civil engineers job

Civil Engineer Job Description Pakistan

Many Job Seekers must be searching of what civil engineers do? what is job description of civil engineer in Pakistan?In this post you will find answers to these questions. Basically civil engineer is the one who plan and design construction projects
earth sciences pakistan

Earth Sciences Pakistan 2016 Will Be Held At Baragali This July

National Center of Excellence in Geology, University of Peshawar is the primary research organization in the field of Earth Sciences in the country. Since its creation in 1973 the Center has strived for excellencein research, education and development the field of

Hidden Costs of DIY Move

A DIY move can be a lot cheaper than hiring professional movers.  However, there are a lot more costs to a DIY move than just the truck rental.  Here are some of the main hidden costs of a DIY move which

The 5 Best Uses of Solar Power

Everyone know what a solar panel looks like and what it does, however you may not be aware of some of the best ways that they are being used. Far from being a way to generate electricity and hot water for