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There are many benefits of Authoring a guest post/Article  on envirocivil.com for example:

  1. You can get one or two (depending upon the quality of the article) legitimate permanent backlinks within the article to any of your legitimate site (remember envirocivil.com is a PR 3 blog)
  2. Your article will be published with your name (unlike other blogs which don’t credit the real author)
  3. With a well written article and a well placed backlink you can drive plenty of traffic to your site (from your backlink present in the post)
  4. Depending upon your number of submitted articles your name will be listed in either ‘Major’ or ‘Minor’ contributors (here)
  5. You can either win an advertisement coupon or become a regular Author at Envirocivil.com (if eligible)


Authors Guideline:

We want creative and dedicated authors to write for us. There are certain criteria we have set that you must meet before we officially welcome you to envirocivil.com.

  • You need to be very sure of your area of interest in envirocivil.com. Climate, Environment, Global, Structure, News, Health, Sustainable Development are the major classes, that we offer for now, under which you can write.
  • Once you are sure of the category that interests you the most, you have to pick the topic of your choice and write sample article to prove your skills.
  • The article must be research based.
  • The word count per article is >=500 words but can vary depending on the subject.
  • You must proofread your article and there ought to be no grammatical or spelling errors.
  • The sentence structure must be correct with proper punctuations.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any case. The content must be original and attention-grabbing.
  • After writing you will email your article to the address provided at our site.
  • Your article will then be scanned by our review committee for quality and the way you engage the readers.
  • Lastly, the committee will make the decision based on the value of your article and if it gets approved then we will publish it with your name and you will be hired as a writer at envirocivil.com.
  • If hired, you will be given topics to write on. We are really strict about meeting the deadlines so you need to be really committed about providing the articles well in time.
  • If you really think that you acquire what it takes to be a good writer then go through this process and gain experience with us. We appreciate the dedication and hard work. We do not want to turn down the ambitious ones; if unfortunately your article does not get passed then do not be disappointed because if you stay determined you can practice on your own, polish your skills and get back to us.
  • Note:  Send the keywords related to your article so that we can make your article perfect to be searched out by search engines.

Best of luck!

Write your article on MS Word and email it to : kamran.shafqatali@yahoo.com along with Author’s name, Email, Website and Short Intro (if applicable).


Give us a Buzz at :

Kamran Shafqat: +923477602125

Disclaimer: Your submitted article would have to go through extensive review before getting published and envirocivil.com has the right to edit your submitted article to optimize certain aspects and to match the general format of the blog!

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