Services-Envirocivil Engineers

Envirocivil Engineers has team of skilled professionals comprising of civil engineers,development experts, solid waste management experts, ecologists,environmentalists, environmental scientists, environmental engineers, sociologists and economists which can perform following activities :

  1. Design & Construction
  2. Consultancy
  3. Environmental Impact Assessments
  4. Solid Waste Management
  5. Non Profit Organization Services
  6. Impact Evaluation of development projects
  7. GIS and IT  services
  8. Solid Waste Management
  9. Resettlement Plans
  10. Disaster Risk Reduction
  11. Natural Resources Management Plans.
  12. Web/Blog (Environment)

For More Details Please Contact Us Or Call US at 03477602125 Kamran Shafqat Or Farooq Shafqat (Civil Engineer) 03335551797


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