Materials That Are Useful for the Environment


No matter what material you choose to recycle keep in mind that you are helping the environment. You are making the world a better place by keeping usable items out of the trash and giving them new purposes, and having fun in the process. Here is brief list of materials that are extremely useful to have but are also good for the environment:


Bamboo is considered to be a renewable source because it is natural and it grows so fast. It has gained popularity all over the world, especially in the United States. Bamboo is first crushed and then the fibers are combed out and spun with cotton to create a very high quality towel. Bamboo is even used to make sheets, clothing, wooden floors, and in the new future, plywood. Bamboo has many, many uses and is a great renewable source. It can grow up to 3 feet a day and can nearly grow faster than it can be cut. When it is cut there is no harm done to the environment.


Repurposed Wood

Reclaimed wood is another favorite resource. Simply put, it’s the use of old boards that were previously used on an old home or barn. Old windows are used as picture frames. Old doors and boards can be strengthened, reused and repurposed. Using repurposed wood is called green building. It’s important to the environment because fewer trees are cut down, less fuel is used, and less exhaust is released into the atmosphere. Using reclaimed wood also keeps it out of landfills. There are many structures, such as old houses built in the 1800’s, which would otherwise wind up in the landfill. That’s quite a bit of wood that can be reused as siding, floors, walls, and even decorations.



Some other fun materials to reuse are fabrics. All sorts of things can be made from reused fabrics like old jeans and t-shirts. The first and obvious use is to make a quilt or even some pillows. Other old materials can be sewn together to make tote bags, bracelets, plastic bag containers, stuffed animals for children, and even aprons; there’s an endless list. Reusing and repurposing old fabric saves tons of waste from going to the landfill; not to mention all the fun you can have creating all of these new and exciting projects.



Plastic is another material that can be recycled into many other useful and creative things. Some really creative people have come up with some new ways to use plastic bottles. For example, you can drill a hole in the bottom and stick the bottle over Christmas lights to make a new strand of party lights. Using different colors of bottles makes the light reflect in different ways. You can even turn them into bird feeders, or use them as plant starters.

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