“Flowers” The Beauty Of life

Flowers The Beauty Of life

Allah has blessed us with a lot of his blessings. He fulfilled our all necessities even from a very basic need of gaining food to the all of other needs like shelter living, protection and many others. He has hold of all these things to maintain justice among all of the creatures of this world. He has created all of the beautiful things, these rivers, streams, springs and the beautiful colorful and delicious fishes and other aquatic animals and the flying birds in the sky and the walking animals on the earth, just for the sake of man.

By seeing all of these priceless gifts of God, then it is realized that what a big creator He is and how much He love his creatures. Some images of flowers will refresh your mind and you will love nature. As said in Quran, ‘’Then which of the favours Of your Lord will you deny.’’ From all of the gifts and blessings of Allah; the most beautiful; charming and above all delicate and priceless but most precious is the flowers. Flower is the loveliest thing ever gifted by nature. There are a lot of flowers with different colors, shapes and fragrances. In spring when different flowers blossom everywhere then the world just looks like the Heaven.

Everyone enjoys the presence of the flowers even birds’ chirps in a very free style in spring. Someone has beautifully said that, ‘’Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forget to put a soul into.’’ Flowers have always given a lot of inspiration to people from all walks of life whether a florist, a gardener, a painter, a photographer or even a writer, one can draw inspirations from flowers. Just think for a while that if there were no flowers in the world then how boring and colorless this world was. Today’s life is very fast, everyone is busy with his own business and no one knows about his companion. This world has become emotionless, but still the only thing which makes people close and keeps them in touch is the flower. People took help of flowers to make their loved ones happy. On every occasion even of joy or sorrow, everyone expresses his emotions and feelings with flowers.

Flowers are said to be devotion, love and trust language. It is said that, ’The rose speaks of love silently in A language known only to the heart.’’ Gifts are personal expressions of our feelings for each other.people in most countries of the world consider flowers to be the best gift to express feelings.flowers are however the symbol of adoration and profound love.they are meant to show a strong emotion of regard and affection towards a person. Even hate can also be shown by flowers. If anyone wants to show hate for someone then it is said that just give him a yellow flower.it means yellow flower is the symbol of hate just like red rose which is the symbol of love.

Man has used this beautiful thing for his convenience just because that the flowers are restful to look at, they have neither emotions nor conflict.so everyone use them as they want. Flowers also grow in deserts to enhance the beauty of the sandy lands.it shows that God loved the entire universe equally. Spring also comes to deserts. The purple colored flowers of Blue dick (Diechelostemme capitatum) and yellow color of Brittlebush (Encelia farinose) when blossoms in desert lands at spring time, it is the marvelous enchanting beauty. The dry land with such colors is mind blowing. Many of the flowers are edible. There are several flowers’ blossoms that can be enjoyed both fresh and cooked. Like Basil, a common garden herb produces small clusters of white flowers that may have a mint, chocolate or traditional basil flavor, depending on Varity. Day lily and its blossoms are eaten in moderation because they may have laxative effect. Dill flowers and leaves are used as salads. Man should be like a flower that it turns its face to the sun. Man should face the hardships of life.

Live just like a flower, it lives among thousands of thorns with such a peace and integrity, because it is aware of the fact that at harsh times they will help it and make its protection sure. Some of us complain that roses have thorns or can rejoice because thorns have roses, they are for each other. They are not like man who always want to show his companions inferior and try to hurt each other. Lotus flower grows in the dirty water but still maintains its beauty and grace. The dirty water cannot harm it.so; it shows that flowers are always superior and hundred times better than a man. Man when it goes to a new society completely gets changed. Very little people can maintain their integrity and their actual roots. So, flowers in all means are better than man. They are the beauty of life, earth and the whole universe. Flowers are our great silent friends. We harm them, separate them from their loving mother plants but they still blossomed. A recent study in UK shows how flowers bring about positive changes in people moods. The presence of flowers makes people fresher and makes them feel happy. ‘’Bread feeds the body, indeed, But flowers also feed the soul.’’

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