Why it is Important to Save Wildlife?

importance of wild life

 Wildlife is an important part of ecological community as wildlife play an important role in the environment.There are several importance of wildlife as wildlife it self is an important character of nature so its conservation is an important obligation for human beings for the sustainability of life on planet earth so here is a comprehensive article on why it is important to save wildlife:

Importance Of Wild Life Saving

  • Ecological Value
  • Economic Value
  • Recreational Value
  • Scientific Value
  • Social Value
  • Aesthetical Value

Ecological Value:

Ecological value is the interaction of wildlife in nature. Wildlife plays an essential role in the ecological and biological processes that are yet again significant to life. The normal functioning of the biosphere depends on endless interactions amongst animals, plants, and microorganisms. This, in turn, maintains and enhances human life further. Wildlife maintains ecological ‘balance of nature’ and maintains food chain and nature cycles.

Economic Value:

Using wildlife to earn money. Many wild plants provide useful substances like timber, paper; gums etc and they also have wide applications in medicine. Wild animals Products include elephant tusk, rhino horns, tiger fur, leather etc.

Recreational Value:

Hunting and fishing are the most visible kinds of recreation that depend directly on wildlife resources.There are, however, many other recreational activities that depend less directly on wildlife populations. These include bird watching, photography, hiking, camping, boating etc.

Scientific Value:

Most important contribution of wild life for human progress is availability of large genepool for the scientists to carry breeding programmes in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery.

Social Value:

Wildlife is the source of livelihood and subsistence. Due to existence of wildlife on earth humans get benefit to sustain life.


Hunting, fishing, cultural value of wildlife.

Aesthetical Value:

Aesthetical value is the enjoying of wildlife’s beauty and pleasure. Wildlife enhances the beauty of environment.

How to save wildlife:

  • To understand the imperatives of wildlife, wild places and the impacts of human society on their future.
  • To conserve wildlife and wild places.

Bamboo forests- the habitat of Giant panda

  • Live with nature in absolute harmony.
  • To create awareness among people about nature and its importance of life on earth.
  • To engage in wise, scientific, professional and caring stewardship of wildlife.
  • To monitor wildlife population on regular basis.
  • Reduce the habitat fragmentation approaches.

Example: In Roads projects make habitat corridor for wildlife.

  • To develop management plans to manage wildlife resources for the benefit of wildlife and humans.
  • To develop and implement the adaptive and innovative solutions to conservation problems by melding the expertise and field based sciences.
  • National policies should deal with the issues related to wildlife management and conservation.
  • Prioritize the more endangered wildlife species for conservation efforts.


Snow leopard (endangered), Indus River Dolphin (endangered and endemic)

  • Reduce the human and wildlife conflict.

Human and wildlife conflict is the interaction between wild animals and people and the resultant negative impact on people or their resources, or wild animals or their habitat.Solutions to these conflicts include electric fencing, land use planning, community based natural resource management, payment for environmental services, ecotourism, wildlife friendly products, or other field solutions.


The Man-Eater of Champawat killed at least 436 people
Ecotourism by elephant in West Bengal, India

  • Ensures that laws related to wildlife are followed in all areas such as research, education and use of wildlife.
  • Join the wildlife conservation organization e.g WWF
  • Implementation of Migratory bird treaty Act for the protection of migratory birds.


Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (MBTA) is a United States federal law, at first enacted in 1916 in order to implement the convention for the protection of migratory birds.

    • Be careful about wildlife while driving on the road.

Careful driving can protect koalas:

  • Make space for animals such as plant trees, bushes and plants that benefit wildlife in your area and place a birdbath in your yard.
  • Restrict the intentional introduction of exotic species.


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