Don’t be wild about wildlife

Don’t be wild about wildlife

There are a lot of blessing bestowed upon human beings by Allah. It is a duty of human being that while using these gifts of God say thanks to Allah and also do care of these blessings. Use them in a sustainable way that they will be there in the world for future generations. Human being knows the importance of some blessing of God for example health, wealth, energy resources and minerals but on other hand he don’t know the importance or if he know but neglect the importance of environment, forest, water and wildlife.

Wildlife includes all those living creatures, animals, plants, insects etc those are not under the human influence and not be domesticated. They live in the very natural habitat and environment. Although these are not under the human control and are not be domesticated by human but directly or indirectly it carries a lot of advantages for human. Although they posses a lot of advantages for human but he always refuse its importance and wild life bear a lot of wounds by human. Just for lust and luxuries man is uprooting the wildlife. Unplanned and uncontrolled  forest cutting, ruthless hunting of rare and endanger species and interfere in the natural habitat of wild life are some major aspect which are causing destruction and cause miserable conditions for wild life. A lot of species are extinct and mostly are endanger and very close to be extinct.

Wildlife is endangering in developing countries especially in Pakistan. Practical steps for the preservation, conservation and protection for wild life in Pakistan are almost zero. No measures have been taken for the safety of wild life. The rare species which make Pakistan prominent in the world like Neilga antelope, Snow leopard, Indus blind dolphin, Koonj, wooly flying squirrel, Blackbuck and Markhor are now endanger species. Major reason behind it is the vast level of deforestation. Total area of forest in Pakistan is less than 4.8% of its area which should be 25% according to international standards. And this 4.8% is also decreasing day by day in such condition one can predict easily the future of forest in Pakistan. Such a massive distraction is a call to environmental disasters. Deforestation destroys the habitat of wild life. Besides, animal are killed by hunters ruthlessly and illegally just for the skins, furs and tusks and hence man is proving himself the worst enemy of wild life. A lion, wolf, bear kill just for their needs for food but man hunts for pleasure, joy and decoration both are predators which one is more wild. Surely man is wilder for wildlife.

Wild life carries numerous advantages for human being and there destruction is not in the favor of human and its environment but can cause harm.

Wild life is an important part of food chain which maintains and balance the food chain. Each specie plays its role in the food chain. Same like a chain breakage of a ring can disturb the whole chain, extinction of specie can disturb the whole food chain of that area which bear harmful effect and changes which have negative influences on human.

Wild life plays an important role in the maintenance and balances of ecosystem. Due to massive cutting of trees from the surrounding areas vulture start being extinct due to loss of habitat in Krachi during this decade. These vultures feed on the dead and help in the removing of heap by eating dead animals. In result government have to pay a lot for the removing of these heaps.

Wild life makes a country prominent among the other countries for example Kangaroo in Australia, kiwi in Newzeland, Markhor and Indus dolphin in Pakistan. If kangaroo from Australia, or Markhor from Pakistan become extinct these countries will lost there national identity in the world wide wild life.

Wild life increases the aesthetic beauty of environment and produce attraction and interest in the area. A lake with out fishes or a jungle with out animals and birds can not attract any tourist.

A picture in which only a piece of barren land is shown does not posses any attraction. When same picture is beautified by addition of a tree in the picture there will be an attraction in the picture but if we add some birds and a deer under the tree the aesthetic beauty of picture will be remarkably increase. When just colors of a tree some birds and a deer can increase the beauty of a picture. How much beauty they can donate to the real environment. No one can explain it in words.

Now is the time to understand the importance of wild life. Government should take measures to save the wild life. Let the people know through media, walks and other sources that wild life is essential for us elephant is more precious than ivory, we need a loin more than its skin, deer looks more beautiful in jungle rather than in our bellies table, chair, door of wood do not give us such aesthetic view that can a pine tree do. It delighted us more to listen the melodious voice of a bird than to shoot it with gun.

Today we don’t want to spend a moment for thinking about the safety of wild life but no one knows how and how much a life, a specie is use full for us. May specie which is going to extinct bear a treatment for a killing disease in its body and we due to lack of knowledge burry the secret of nature with our own hands.

Our breaths are the gift of trees about those we are very cruel and don’t feel any shame while killing them with electric saws. If for a few minutes the trees stop there breath the man survival will be at great risk.

It is the cry of day to have a soft heart for the wild life and there habitat for our own survival. And don’t be wild about nature and wild life these are our own assets.

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