Hispid Hare – Rare Specie [EnviroMation]

Is Hispid hare is hare or rabbit? If someone ask this question from you, you will obviously think, what a foolish question he is asking from me. Well, Hispid Hare is not a hare, it is considered as specie of rabbit.
Like this interesting fact, it has more interesting facts about its name. As, it is also called “Assam Rabbit” and “Bristle Rabbit”. It is native species of Assam (city of India), that’s why it is called “Assam Rabbit”. And the fact behind the name “Bristle Rabbit is, it has bristle fur. Its scientific name is “Caprolagus hispidus”.

hispid hare rare specie
It is native species of Himalayan foot hills (South Asia). Also, native species of Pakistan, India and Nepal Earlier, this specie had wide a wide range of habitat but due to deforestation, cultivation and human interference, its habitat is now confined, up to some areas like Uterpardaish, West Bangal and Assam.

hispid hare rare specie
Talking about the physique of this specie, it has weight about 2.5kg and height is about 10-15 inches. The interesting fact about this specie is, it has bristle, coarse and dark brown fur. Its eyes are not only small but also tail is small in size. It’s front and back legs same in size. It tail is about 1 to 2¼ inches long and dark brown in color. Its teeth are large in size,their ears are short.
The Hispid Hare are herbivores in its diet. Its diet consists of herbs, shrubs, shoots and roots of plant. Occasionally, they also eat crops. It’s live in form of pairs of male and female. It is also nocturnal animal. Their breeding time is from late winters to early spring. They breed two times in a year.

hispid hare rare specie
Environmental changes as a result of anthropogenic activities like construction, cultivation, pollution are major threats to this specie,It’s time to conserve and protect species from extinction. Otherwise, there will be no more beautiful species on this earth.

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